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Explore frontiers of electronic innovation with Computer Controls markets and applications solutionsExplore frontiers of electronic innovation with Computer Controls markets and applications solutions

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Explore the frontiers of innovation and discover how these cutting-edge technologies are shaping industries, revolutionising connectivity, and propelling us into a future of limitless possibilities:
(I)IoT, photonics, quantum technology, data center, 5G/6G, energy harvesting, cybersecurity, automotive & energy, and medical technology.

Your Needs

  • (I)IoT
    Improved connectivity, real-time analytics and cybersecurity for reliable and safe industrial processes.
  • Photonics
    Fast data transfer, precise imaging and advanced sensing for applications in telecommunications and medical diagnostics.
  • Quantum Technology
    Quantum computing power, secure communications and sensors to solve complex problems and ensure data security.
  • Data Center
    Scalability, energy efficiency and improved cooling for reliable, high-performance data storage and processing.
  • 5G/6G
    Super-fast wireless communications, low latency and robust network infrastructure to support connected devices and emerging technologies.
  • Energy Harvesting
    Sustainable methods to harvest ambient energy, power self-sufficient devices and reduce dependence on traditional energy sources.
  • Cybersecurity
    Robust security protocols and threat detection to protect digital systems, networks and sensitive data from growing cyber risks.
  • Automotive & Energy
    Sustainability and increased efficiency in the transport and energy sectors through advances in electric vehicle technology, energy storage and renewable sources.
  • Medical Technology
    Diagnostic accuracy, treatment efficacy, patient safety, accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and innovation in healthcare delivery.

Our Services

Our end-to-end solutions address main industries and full workflows. Our experts empower you to create a more connected, secure, and sustainable electronics world while enabling you to lower your overall cost and increase your productivity. 
We support product integration and functionality to complete your application’s requirements and get your products ready for markets & applications as fast and as reliable as possible.


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Ynvisible's ConnectedLabels designed for pharmaceutical and healthcare shipment monitoring

Smart ConnectedLabels Designed for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Shipment Monitoring

Our supplier Ynvisible teamed up with Hive-Zox to revolutionise the pharmaceutical supply chain with its new ConnectedLabels. These innovative smart labels, featuring Ynvisible's ultra-thin, low-power e-paper displays, provide real-time monitoring for pharmaceutical and healthcare shipments for improved visibility and control, product safety and efficiency throughout the entire supply chain. 

SECO soutions for medical and laboratory technology applications

Overcoming Challenges in Medical and Laboratory Technology with Innovative SECO Solutions

SECO's comprehensive approach to the challenges of medical and laboratory technology includes rapid prototyping, intuitive design, advanced AI data management and strict compliance with safety standards. Their innovative solutions ensure high quality, reliable and user-friendly medical devices that set new standards in the industry.

Microchip tops the list of top 10 electronic component manufacturers shaping the industry

Microchip tops the list of top 10 electronic component manufacturers shaping the industry

In the world of electronic components, Microchip Technology is emerging as the undisputed leader, setting the pace for innovation and excellence. 

Learn how adding your SOLIDWORKS data to the cloud can help you

SOLIDWORKS - Are you ready to transform your product development?

Learn how adding your SOLIDWORKS data to the cloud can help you continue to develop products from anywhere and at any time. 

swiss photonics pic convention

Swissphotonics PIC Convention

Join us at Swissphotonics Convention PIC for a workshop on Photonics Integrated Circuits. Meet our experts and explore innovative solutions.

components for car telematics connectivity and smart energy consumption

Neoway revamps Energy and Telematics Communication Solutions for Industrial Advances

Neoway's groundbreaking solutions are reshaping the landscape of energy and telematics communications, ushering in a new era of connectivity, efficiency, and security for industries worldwide. 

step forward in high-power programmable DC power supply

New Milestone IT6600 Series High Power DC Power Supply

The ITECH IT6600 series of bi-directional programmable DC power supplies sets new standards for ease of use and environmental friendliness. They are compact yet powerful, offering up to 42kW in a 3U chassis, saving space and increasing efficiency.

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