Overcoming Challenges in Medical and Laboratory Technology with Innovative SECO Solutions

SECO soutions for medical and laboratory technology applications
Overcoming Challenges in Medical and Laboratory Technology with Innovative SECO Solutions

How to Meet the Key Challenges in the Medical Device Industry

Human-machine interfaces (HMIs) in medical and laboratory technology enable users to interact with and control machines and devices. They must be safe, user-friendly and reliable. The development of medical and laboratory technology demands the highest standards of quality, safety and reliability. Long-term component availability, typically at least 10 years, is also critical. With over two decades of experience in the biomedical industry and ISO 13485 certification for its Arezzo manufacturing facility, our supplier SECO offers comprehensive solutions to meet these challenges.

  1. Regulatory barriers: Navigating country-specific requirements for market approval is time-consuming.
  2. Innovation pressure: Constant demand for new materials and coatings to improve biocompatibility.
  3. Technological complexity: Ensuring compatibility and interoperability between different devices.
  4. Component availability: Ensuring long-term availability of key components.

SECO's targeted industry solutions enable faster time-to-market with pre-tested, customisable modular components and prototyping, reducing development delays. Its clinically clean coating processes ensure high standards of biocompatibility and user safety. For IoT and connectivity, SECO offers robust IoT solutions for seamless integration with other technologies, improving device interoperability. Devices are designed with Functional Safety (FuSa) features to ensure safety and reliability, even in emergency situations. SECO guarantees the availability of key components for over a decade, resulting in consistent device performance.

Ensuring Quality and Reliability

Medical equipment must function properly under all conditions. SECO's focus on connectivity and the integration of safety mechanisms helps reduce the risk of failure and ensures continuous operation even in unforeseen circumstances. The use of durable technologies and energy-efficient designs further reduces the need for maintenance.

User-oriented Design

SECO focuses on intuitive design and operation, making medical devices user-friendly so that healthcare professionals can spend more time with patients. Clear and recognisable presentation of live medical data is crucial for accurate diagnosis, and SECO excels at designing modern user interfaces that meet these needs.

Managing Complex Medical Data

Modern medical devices collect huge amounts of sensitive data. SECO's AI-based solutions process this data efficiently, providing valuable insights while keeping the data secure and under user control.

Compliance and Safety Standards

SECO strictly adheres to medical regulations and quality standards according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. Its Arezzo site operates to ISO 13485:2016, ensuring high quality production standards. SECO's modules with FuSa functions guarantee safe emergency operation, preventing risks to patients in the event of irregularities.

Rapid Prototyping and Secure Development

A well-structured product architecture is essential for the development of advanced, safe medical devices. SECO's proven prototyping approach delivers the first prototype within weeks, focusing on a modular structure to minimise technological complexity and unexpected failures. SECO retains control of all embedded development processes and follows a design-to-manufacturing practice.

Clinical Coating for Antimicrobial Protection

Medical device surfaces that are difficult to clean can harbour germs. SECO's flush-mount HMI solutions ensure easy cleaning and germ-free surfaces. They use biocompatible materials and advanced bonding and grouting techniques to effectively seal devices.

Embrace the Future with SECO

SECO's comprehensive approach to the challenges of medical and laboratory technology includes rapid prototyping, intuitive design, advanced AI data management and strict compliance with safety standards. Their innovative solutions ensure high quality, reliable and user-friendly medical devices that set new standards in the industry.

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