About SECO

SECO is a tech company developing and producing cutting-edge technological solutions to enable a new generation of digital devices. From Edge Computing, to IoT, to AI, their comprehensive and modular offering suits the needs of customers who are looking for a partner to maximize the potential of products and fully leverage new technological opportunities.

Founded in 1979, SECO, designs and produces in-house embedded systems and IoT solutions, from the single microcomputer to integrated and “ready-to-use” systems. SECO operates on a global scale thanks to international offices in Italy, Germany, the U.S., India and Taiwan and its distribution network.

SECO Solutions Overview

Edge Computing

SECO offer a wide range of edge computing products, from modules to complete solutions, including System-on-Modules, Single Board Computers, touch displays, Fanless Embedded PCs, as well as custom solutions. Their production facilities primarily located in Europe and the Americas deliver over a million products annually

Product Overview

Thanks to its experience in assembly services and mechanical design, SECO has created user-ready, off-the-shelf HMI solutions with touch displays and integrated boards.

Fanless Embedded Computers are off-the-shelf, system integration-ready solutions developed for applications in Industrial IoT with the goal of satisfying the need for flexibility and security. They are cloud-agnostic and support multi-protocol industrial Ethernet.

Modules, specifically Computer-on-Modules are compact, integrated electronic modules that encapsulates the core computing components of a system, designed to be easily integrated into custom carrier boards, providing developers with a modular approach to building embedded systems. Their advantages include scalability and flexibility, reduced time-to-market, reliability and longevity as well as cost optimization.

Single-Board Computers are ready-to-use, stand-alone solutions. They provide all the necessary tools for rapid prototyping, such as peripheral data storage, processing power and input/output interfaces, without the need for additional modules.

SECO's AI-Optimized Hardware encompasses products optimized for artificial intelligence with specialized accelerators such as TPUs and NPUs.

Payment Systems, which provide one point of contact for all queries, an instant start thanks to Plug & Play, complete integration into the device and rapid age verification.

Edge computingEdge computing

IoT Solutions

Modern IoT projects require open and scalable infrastructures, performing well over the long term and guaranteeing reliability, while remaining sustainable and predictable in terms of recurring costs.

SECO provides standard, ready-to-use platforms and infrastructures to enable fleet and device management, field data analysis and optimization, which can be integrated with any hardware. SECO's IoT software suite Clea functions as the central hub for all digital services, from prototyping to mass production

Clea is the digital counterpart to edge devices, managing their entire lifecycle from data to device management. To software suite is a modular, open source, production-ready stack designed to meet the needs of the most modern and scalable IoT infrastructures.

Areas of Application:

  • Industrial Automation
  • Vending Machines
  • Charging Stations
  • Energy Management
IoT solutionsIoT solutions

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SECO soutions for medical and laboratory technology applications

Overcoming Challenges in Medical and Laboratory Technology with Innovative SECO Solutions

SECO's comprehensive approach to the challenges of medical and laboratory technology includes rapid prototyping, intuitive design, advanced AI data management and strict compliance with safety standards. Their innovative solutions ensure high quality, reliable and user-friendly medical devices that set new standards in the industry.

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