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Computer Controls expert clapping hands because of delivering success stories at customersComputer Controls expert clapping hands because of delivering success stories at customers

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This platform is dedicated to showcasing real-life success stories and empowering testimonials from satisfied customers.

Success stories with our customers fuel ambition and determination by providing concrete evidence that success is achievable. They are proof of redibility and trust in our products or services. We emphasise our value proposition by showing how products or services have positively impacted our customers' businesses, demonstrating the relevance and utility of the business.

Success stories provide valuable feedback to our business. We can identify areas for improvement and refine our product and service portfolio by understanding which aspects resonate most with our customers.

We believe that success stories have the power to inspire and uplift! We want to inspire, build trust, differentiate ourselves, and ultimately enable your success.

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Best of 2023

M. Zartenar, J. Neff, and T. Siegler provide insights into the highlights of 2023 at CControls Company.

UK National Grid selects EXFO in London

UK National Grid selects EXFO for innovative fiber health monitoring pilot

EXFO success story delivering combination of weather tracking plus remote fiber testing and monitoring for National Grid.

Success Story with ETH Zurich

Success Story ETH Zurich: Enabling Next Generation Data Center Interconnects

„Quod erat demonstrandum“: Computer Controls AG supports ETH Zurich in research project on next generation data center interconnects.

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