Collaboration 3DX

Team collaboration at Computer Controls with 3DX software shortens develoment cyclesTeam collaboration at Computer Controls with 3DX software shortens develoment cycles

Collaboration 3DX Shortens Your Develoment Cycles Throughout the Entire Value Creation Network

Your Needs

How much does poor collaboration cost your company? It causes delays, errors and rising costs - all of which impact profitability. So modern innovation platforms and collaboration 3DX tools can play an important role to improve collaboration. 
A shared infrastructure allows everyone to share their ideas and use the same language and product definition when planning and working. A centralised, collaborative environment is needed to make use of all the expertise spread across different locations and to enable outstanding performance together with several teams. 

A Collaboration 3DX Platform

A flexible and collaborative approach brings team members together in real time to jointly define entire tasks and modules and achieve key milestones. The collaboration 3DX platform connects all players in the value creation network with the innovation process and enables secure real-time collaboration between all specialist areas. 

Here everyone works together as one unit - designers, engineers, partners, suppliers and customers. All team members interact with each other in the context of the respective processes, content and data. Collaboration becomes more fluid through the real-time linking of interactions because they are part of the same results-orientated process. The platform also ensures full transparency and accuracy for all stakeholders.

We believe collaboration has an effective impact. 3DX offers completely new ways of cross-functional collaboration. A so-called 3DLean solution brings people together and makes "lean thinking" the standard in your corporate culture.

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You want to learn more on how to create, coordinate and execute successful plans for continuous optimisation, real-time progress monitoring and compliance with standards and regulations with collaboration 3DX?

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