Computer Controls experts provide design-in support of electronic componentsComputer Controls experts provide design-in support of electronic components

Our Electronic Components Design-in Support for Perfect End Products

Your Needs

Design-in support for electronic components and semiconductors is critical to the successful integration of these components into electronic systems. This support involves providing engineers and designers with the necessary tools, resources and expertise to effectively integrate the components into their designs. 

As an authorised semiconductor distributor, we can take you from the start of your design-in project through product development to implementation, prototyping, and volume production. We offer design tools, simulation and test equipment, evaluation kits and technical support.

Our Services

  • Research and analysis of the market situation, area of application, target group and their needs for the product.

  • Idea generation and design of innovative solutions to basic functional principles:
    Identify and develop unique features that differentiate your product from the competition.

  • Assessment of ideas' suitability from an economic, environmental and market strategy point of view. They are further refined and modified throughout the process.

  • Detailed development of the selected preferred option:
    We work with you to develop constructive solutions and determine your preferred design option.

  • Prototyping and design for the implementation of largely functional intermediate models:
    In this phase, the product is essentially given its final functionality and appearance. This allows you to check and optimise the functionality of mechanical elements.

  • Completed design-in and transfer of data sets to your production:
    After final testing in prototyping, your product is ready to go into production.

We are enabling your ideas even before they have become reality: We help your designers navigate the complexities of integrating electronic components and semiconductors into their designs, ultimately leading to more robust and reliable electronic systems.

Get in Touch

Ask about accurate simulation models to evaluate component performance, evaluation kits and development boards to test component functionality, or get support from application engineers who can help and guide you through your integration process.

Start your design-in pojects now and let us help!

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