Unveiling Silicon Labs Wireless SoCs and MCU: Revolutionising IoT Applications

Silicon Labs wireless SoCs and MCU for smart homes
Unveiling Silicon Labs Wireless SoCs and MCU: Revolutionising IoT Applications

Latest Innovation in Wireless Technology with Highest-Performance Wireless SoCs and MCU

Computer Controls is announcing Silicon Labs’ latest innovation in wireless technology with their highest-performance Wireless SoCs and MCU. Engineered to tackle the most complex IoT applications, these new offerings boast unparalleled processing capabilities, energy efficiency, and wireless performance. From smart homes to smart cities and industrial environments, this powerhouse family sets a new standard in general-purpose devices.

Presenting the BG26: A High-Performance, Energy-Efficient Bluetooth LE SoC

The BG26 2.4 GHz wireless SoCs are designed to provide maximum flash and RAM, ensuring the longevity of your devices. Equipped with PSA Level 3 Secure Vault protection, the BG26 offers an impressive GPIO count and BGA packages, making it an ideal choice for demanding applications.

Introducing the MG26: Advancing IoT Connectivity with Matter

The MG26 Multiprotocol Wireless SoCs are tailored for mesh IoT wireless connectivity, supporting Matter, OpenThread, and Zigbee protocols. This makes them perfect for a range of applications including smart home devices, lighting systems, and building automation products.

Meet the PG26: Largest Memory Footprint MCU

The PG26 is a 32-bit MCU variant of the EFR32xG26 wireless SoC platform, designed for embedded IoT applications. It features an 80 MHz ARM Cortex-M33 with an LCD controller, along with various analog and communication peripherals. With low power consumption and ample GPIOs, it's suited for complex systems.

Unlocking the Potential of IoT Applications

With Silicon Labs' latest Wireless SoCs and MCU, the possibilities for IoT applications are limitless. Whether you're developing smart home gadgets, lighting solutions, or industrial automation systems, these cutting-edge technologies provide the performance and reliability needed to bring your ideas to life.
Stay tuned as Silicon Labs continues to push the boundaries of wireless technology, empowering innovators to create the next generation of IoT solutions.

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