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Data centers need high-performance infrastructure for data transport, storage, and processingData centers need high-performance infrastructure for data transport, storage, and processing

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The world is currently experiencing the era of Big Data and Data Centers, and as digitalization continues to grow, the global volume of data is reaching unprecedented levels. It is predicted that by 2025, the total amount of data will be an astounding 175 zettabytes.

This growth is driven by faster internet connections and an increase in the number of devices such as smartphones, tablets, security cameras, and smart vehicles, all of which require high-performance infrastructure for data transport, storage, and processing. 5G applications are changing the requirements for bandwidth and latency, while cloud services are moving towards hybrid multi-cloud models. Moreover, it is expected that fiber cabling systems will need to support transmission speeds exceeding 400 Gbps to ensure future-proof technological advancement. Regardless of the context, high-speed data communication is always essential.

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The challenges associated with your data center not only involve internal company infrastructures but also third-party service providers such as cloud service providers, managed hosting service providers, and location data center operators.

To ensure optimal performance and reliability, it is crucial to subject the infrastructure to accurate tests that evaluate its ability to handle typical workloads. With the introduction of 400G Ethernet networks, transmission speeds have significantly increased. Hence, it is essential to use flexible and compact cabling systems capable of offering high port densities and adapting quickly to new requirements. In addition, it is crucial to verify and certify optical fibers, inspect connections, and validate transceivers and cables to ensure optimal infrastructure operation.

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Data centers are critical components of today's information technology infrastructure, serving as centralised hubs for the storage, processing and management of digital data. Learn more about how to improve the performance and reliability in your data center.

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SSDs with application-specific optimization: living in the digital age

SSDs with application-specific optimization: living in the digital age

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Data Center Testing Guide

Data Center Testing Guide

This document will give you a comprehensive guide to testing optical networks across the data center environment. 

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Computer Controls S.r.l. is is official Italian distributor of EXFO.

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