Unlock data transmission and communication networks speed with 5GUnlock data transmission and communication networks speed with 5G

How 5G Helps to Unlock Data Transmission and Communication Networks

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The 5G wave is still rolling, and 6G is just getting started! 5G networks offer faster and more reliable communications. They revolutionise communication networks and enabling new services and applications like Internet of Things (IoT) networks and autonomous driving. 5G/6G delivers significantly higher data rates than previous generations, enabling ultra-fast download and upload speeds. This high throughput supports bandwidth-intensive applications such as 4K video streaming, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). With 5G capabilities you can unlock new business models, revenue streams and service differentiation to increase average revenue per user.

5G is not just an evolution of LTE that delivers higher data rates to end users. It is a revolution with further ground-breaking technological advances. Another important aspect is that it will connect a myriad of devices. This expected huge growth in devices communicating with services and each other will pose huge challenges to the backhaul of our existing telecommunications systems. These challenges include capacity, availability, latency and cost efficiency.

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  • 5G testing means more than verifying the lightning-fast download speeds, super low latency, and expansive coverage density.

  • Simplified, end-to-end Layer 1–7 test solutions are playing a vital role in the development, deployment, and operational excellence of emerging 5G networks.

  • Delivering 5G takes precision measurement and deep network visibility solutions to de-risk 5G development and operation across the ecosystem.

  • The 5G standards and quality of experience (QoE) expectations from your subscribers start at the core of your mobile network. New capabilities require higher cell density. Balancing performance and cost are a critical consideration for new radio access network (RAN) equipment deployment. We can help you make the best decisions for network optimization and new RAN deployment.

  • Providing coverage in urban, suburban, and rural areas by leveraging diverse frequency bands, bridging the digital divide and enabling ubiquitous connectivity.
  • Efficient and automated test workflow process give operations teams a competitive advantage by driving team efficiency, ensuring compliance for first-time right results and accelerating time-to-revenue. 

We believe testing and monitoring enables. Once you’re ready to take your new 5G technology beyond the lab, you’ll have to field-test your network. Whether up high on a tower or in the furthest reaches of civilization, you need reliable test gear that can weather the conditions and perform precise measurement you can trust.

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We at Compunter Controls support the deployment, operation, and utilization of 5G technology, driving transformation and innovation in the telecom industry and beyond.

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clock and timing systems from microchip

Clock and timing systems from Microchip Technology in product range

Computer Controls is expanding its product range with solutions from Microchip Technology in clock and timing synchronization for networks. 

exfo test, monitoring, and analysis solutions

Computer Controls Italia represents EXFO in Italy

Computer Controls S.r.l. is is official Italian distributor of EXFO.

UK National Grid selects EXFO in London

UK National Grid selects EXFO for innovative fiber health monitoring pilot

EXFO success story delivering combination of weather tracking plus remote fiber testing and monitoring for National Grid.

Alliance with MTS Systemtechnik

Smart system solutions thanks to a new alliance between Computer Controls Group and MTS Systemtechnik GmbH

In tandem with MTS Systemtechnik, we can now offer targeted products, solutions and services in the market segments 5G/Wireless, Test & Measurement and Aerospace & Defense.

Sub-terahertz research in 6G wireless

Sub-terahertz research in 6G wireless: Where should you start?

6G will continue taking mobile communications to new heights, beyond traditional cellular communication devices and applications.

5GPro Spectrum Analyzer - RF Spectrum Analyzer

5GPro Spectrum Analyzer - RF Spectrum Analyzer

Solve RF issues faster than ever! The 5GPro Spectrum Analyzer with over-the-air measurements delivers an easy-to-perform and easy-to-interpret experience.

Keysight FieldFox

Keysight FieldFox - new High-Performance Handheld Microwave Analyzer

Keysight Speeds Installation of 5G, Radar and Satellite Communication Systems with New High-Performance Handheld Microwave Analyzer.

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