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Integrate your product development data with the cloud

SOLIDWORKS Collaborate with Your Team Remotely

Discover the power of seamless collaboration with SOLIDWORKS. Integrate your product development data with the cloud for effortless teamwork, whether you're at home or on the go. Effortlessly manage design data, annotate designs, create communities for brainstorming, and streamline project management - all with just an internet connection. Revolutionise your business operations and decision-making. 

components for car telematics connectivity and smart energy consumption

Neoway revamps Energy and Telematics Communication Solutions for Industrial Advances

Neoway's groundbreaking solutions are reshaping the landscape of energy and telematics communications, ushering in a new era of connectivity, efficiency, and security for industries worldwide. 

step forward in high-power programmable DC power supply

New Milestone IT6600 Series High Power DC Power Supply

The ITECH IT6600 series of bi-directional programmable DC power supplies sets new standards for ease of use and environmental friendliness. They are compact yet powerful, offering up to 42kW in a 3U chassis, saving space and increasing efficiency.

solidworks advantages of bringing data to the cloud

SOLIDWORKS Advantages of Bringing Your Data to the Cloud

Learn how forward-thinking organisations are embracing cloud solutions to drive efficiency, reduce costs, and accelerate time-to-market. 
Discover the key strategies for using cloud-based technologies in our latest eBook for download.

Power supply solutions by Kewell Technology

Providing Kewell test solutions to various industries based on test power supplies

Computer Controls has strengthened its test and measurement product range with the addition of Kewell Technology's solutions for power supply testing, hydrogen energy testing and intelligent manufacturing equipment, power semiconductor testing and intelligent production line testing. 

Swiss Airlines face daily disruption from GPS Spoofing

Swiss Airlines face daily disruption from GPS Spoofing

Microchip's BlueSky GNSS Firewall provides the only intelligent defence against such threats, ensuring the resilience of critical infrastructure and the continued safety of the skies. 

Test Solutions for Medical Equipment

Test Solutions for Medical Equipment (Part 3/3)

We offer precise and efficient test instruments like battery simulators, AC/DC power supplies, electronic loads, and power analyzers for the medical electronics industry. Our solutions ensure accurate testing with high speed and power density, saving energy and enhancing efficiency.

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