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About Pico Technology

Pico Technology is the market leader for PC-based oscilloscopes and data loggers which are a cost-effective and high-quality alternative to traditional desktop instruments. The Pico Technology is complemented with sampling oscilloscopes, pulse generators, vector network analyser, synthesizer, and all the necessary accessories.

With a focus on helping you to achieve what your tasks efficient and cost-effective, PICO is the solution for your next measurement.

Pico Technology Solutions Overview

Electronics Testing and Debugging

Pico Technology offers advanced oscilloscopes and signal generators tailored for electronics testing and debugging needs. These tools provide high precision and reliability, enabling thorough analysis and troubleshooting of circuits and systems. With their ability to produce precise waveforms, Pico's signal generators ensure accurate testing and calibration of electronic components. Engineers and technicians worldwide rely on Pico's comprehensive electronics testing solutions to meet their demands.

Electronics testing and debuggingElectronics testing and debugging

Data Acquisition and Analysis

Enhance data acquisition and analysis capabilities with Pico Technology's innovative data loggers. These tools facilitate seamless capture and analysis of data from various sensors and sources over time. Whether for environmental monitoring, industrial automation, or scientific research, Pico's data loggers deliver precise and reliable results, empowering users to make informed decisions. Explore Pico's range of data logging solutions for unlocking new insights from data effortlessly.

Automotive Diagnostics

Drive efficiency and accuracy in automotive diagnostics with Pico Technology's specialized tools. Automotive oscilloscopes and data loggers are specifically designed to address the unique challenges of diagnosing electrical and electronic systems in vehicles. From pinpointing elusive faults to monitoring sensor performance, these solutions provide the insights necessary to keep vehicles running smoothly. Automotive professionals trust Pico for dependable tools that streamline maintenance and troubleshooting processes, ultimately saving time and resources.

Automotive diagnosticsAutomotive diagnostics

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Release Precision with the New PicoScope 3000E Series

We are introducing the PicoScope 3000E Series, featuring up to 500 MHz bandwidth, 5 GS/s sampling rate, and advanced analysis tools. With four analog channels, USB-C connectivity, and compatibility with PicoScope 7 software, this series is perfect for a wide range of demanding applications in analog, digital, embedded, or power electronics.

pico pc based oscilloscopes and data loggers

New expanded distribution for Pico Technology in Germany and Italy

Pico Technologies specializes in PC-based oscilloscopes and data loggers, providing cost-effective alternatives to traditional instruments.

Pico Technology PicoScope 6000E Series

Pico Technology launches its first 1 GHz mixed-signal scope with active probes

Pico Technology announced a further development of its PicoScope 6000E Series mixed-signal oscilloscopes (MSOs) with the launch of four new 4-channel models.

PicoTech 4000A PC oscilloscope

Discover the all new 4000A PC oscilloscope series by PicoTech

Recently Pico Technology launched the PicoScope 4000A Series of PC oscilloscopes, a second-generation upgrade and expansion of their high-resolution, deep-memory product portfolio.

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