Rental Solutions

Sign lease or rental agreement of rental solutions to increase flexibilitySign lease or rental agreement of rental solutions to increase flexibility

Flexible Rental Solutions: Pay for Use, not for Life!

Your Needs

With electronic equipment rental solutions, you have a cost-effective, flexible and convenient way to access technology, whether it is for short-term needs, temporary projects or for testing purposes.

By outsourcing the ownership and management of equipment to rental providers, users can focus on maximising productivity and achieving their goals without the burden of ownership. 

Our Services

With our flexible rental solutions, you can easily meet unexpected peaks in demand. Fast and flexible access to the latest rental measurement technology guarantees an immediate increase in the efficiency of your testing operation.
Rent from an extensive equipment inventory without locking up precious capital. Your inventory can be perfectly adapted to changing requirements at any time.

  • Save CAPEX cost and rent for your need
    Over 100 brands available, calibration and bridges costs included. No depreciation or hidden costs of ownership.
  • Have access to second-hand inventory

    Over 100 brands available, valid calibration and included warranty up to 5 years.

  • Respond flexibly to unexpected peaks
    Rent a new or secondhand unit until the full due amount is paid.

Example Rental Solutions Equipment

The rental of a Sumitomo T-72C splicer includes:

  • Calibrated and serviced splicer
  • Charger included
  • Cleaver FC 8R or FC 6 with transport box
  • ANT Cleaver worktable
  • Transport case
  • Optional fiber launch
  • Free delivery
  • Short introduction on site on request

Get in Touch

Whether scaling up or downsizing: Rental solutions provide flexibility to accommodate changing needs. Evaluate performance, compatibility and user experience first-hand without committing to a permanent investment.

Start a conversation with us and get the consultancy you need.

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