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Automotive & energy experts bring smart cars, e-mobility and autonomous driving to realityAutomotive & energy experts bring smart cars, e-mobility and autonomous driving to reality

Automotive & Energy will Bring the Future to Reality

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The automotive industry is accelerating its electronic technology revolution and fusing with the clean energy ecosystem. With the rapid advances in e-mobility, autonomous driving, connected cars, and automotive electronics, the capabilities today help to advance your engineering in software-defined vehicles and the sensor fusion that drives them.

With the rise of high-performance automotive test solutions for cross-domain technologies the need for optimized efficiency of electric powertrain systems, life-critical sensors for autonomous driving, verified vehicle-to-everything (V2X) in connected cars, accurate measurements, and secure & safe automotive electronics in general is more and more crucial.

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We at Computer Controls will energise your product design and test so you can deliver your innovations faster and better. Comprehensive automotive design and test solutions empower your automotive industry designers and manufacturers to help create high-quality and high-performance products while mitigating safety risks for:

  • E-Mobility
  • Autonomous Driving
  • Connected Car
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Measurement Accuracy

We believe the automotive electronics market requires cross-disciplinary collaboration! This includes engineering, materials science, electronics, software development and regulatory compliance. In addition, a critical role in driving progress and innovation is played by partnerships between industry stakeholders, research institutions and government agencies.

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Learn more how to drive the future of E-Mobility and on the specific requirements of the ndustry and the particular technology being developed for Automotive & Energy applications.

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Learn how adding your SOLIDWORKS data to the cloud can help you

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Neoway revamps Energy and Telematics Communication Solutions for Industrial Advances

Neoway's groundbreaking solutions are reshaping the landscape of energy and telematics communications, ushering in a new era of connectivity, efficiency, and security for industries worldwide. 

step forward in high-power programmable DC power supply

New Milestone IT6600 Series High Power DC Power Supply

The ITECH IT6600 series of bi-directional programmable DC power supplies sets new standards for ease of use and environmental friendliness. They are compact yet powerful, offering up to 42kW in a 3U chassis, saving space and increasing efficiency.

Efficient EVs and Renewable Energy

Revolutionizing Testing for Efficient EVs and Renewable Energy

Navigating the electric vehicle and renewable energy landscape poses challenges and opportunities. Learn how Computer Controls, alongside its partners, innovates testing solutions to ensure the efficiency and reliability of EVs and PV inverters.

Emerging Solutions for Design & Test

Emerging Solutions for Design & Test

DC-DC converters are an essential part of the vehicle, converting voltages to power various onboard systems, such as increasingly sophisticated infotainment, and enhanced safety features using advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Scienlab Charging Discovery System

Scienlab Charging Discovery System

Verification of interoperability of all EV and EVSE charging interfaces.

Test and measurement E-mobility

Driving the Future of E-Mobility

The electric vehicle (EV) technology landscape is gaining traction as automakers increasingly invest in advancing technologies within the sector.

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