New Milestone IT6600 Series High Power DC Power Supply

step forward in high-power programmable DC power supply
New Milestone IT6600 Series High Power DC Power Supply

Taking another step forward in high-power programmable DC power supply

The ITECH IT6600C bi-directional programmable DC power supply represents a significant technological advance, offering a blend of innovation and practicality. With its sleek design and robust features, it redefines high power density while prioritising user convenience and environmental responsibility.

One of its outstanding features is its impressive power delivery of up to 42kW in a compact 3U chassis, which not only maximises laboratory space but also streamlines the engineer's workflow, improving overall efficiency. Its dual-channel functionality enables independent testing tasks, effectively doubling its utility without sacrificing performance.

What's more, the IT6600C series doesn't stop at being a power supply; it seamlessly transitions into an electronic load, enabling energy recycling and significant cost savings. In fact, its energy-efficient design can lead to significant reductions in electricity bills, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability.

Ease of use is another key aspect of the IT6600C Series, with an intuitive user interface, bilingual support and versatile operating modes to suit a wide range of test scenarios, from battery simulation to automotive testing. This adaptability is further enhanced by its compatibility with a range of professional test software, ensuring it remains relevant and effective in meeting the evolving needs of the industry.

In essence, the IT6600C Series isn't just a piece of equipment - it's a comprehensive solution that empowers researchers, engineers and developers across multiple industries. From improving the efficiency of industrial testing to driving innovation in green energy applications, it is a trusted partner in advancing technological progress without compromising environmental impact.

Rack version IT6600 high-power programmable DC power supplyRack version IT6600 high-power programmable DC power supply


  • Bidirectional, integrating power supply and e-load in one
  • High power density, up to 42kW in 3U
  • Independent dual-channel design in 3U unit, and channels can be connected in series or parallel
  • High efficient power regeneration
  • Master-slave current equalizing, output max. 10MW in parallel, no performance lost
  • 5-inch touch screen with intuitive GUI
  • Dynamic response ≤200us
  • Rise time ≤1ms
  • High precision ≤0.03%+30mA
  • Built-in communication interface: USB(USB-TMC/USB-VCP), LAN (Rawsocket/Modbus-TCP/Profinet/VNC/VXI-11/Web/Telnet), CAN 2.0B(CANopen/CAN2.0) or digital IO
  • Optional communication interfaceGPIB/EtherCAT/Analog&RS232


  • CC/CV priority
  • Can be used as a battery simulator (*1)
  • Battery test function, supports battery charge/discharge mode
  • Accurately simulate the IV characteristic output of Si, GaAs and other solar panels
  • Built-in standard multi-channel solar array simulation software
  • Fuel cell simulation (*2)
  • List function, dynamic working condition simulation with tens of millions of points
  • Built-in IEC 61000-4-17/IEC 61000-4-29 waveforms
  • Built-in 9 standard automotive voltage curves, including LV123, LV148, ISO21498-2, etc.
  • Output impedance is adjustable
  • Redundancy function, helps to check the status of each single unit or cabinet and ensure the overall output

*1 Optional BSS2000 battery simulation software
*2 Optional FCS3000 fuel cell simulation software

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