Power supplies from Computer Controls provide stable and reliable power outputPower supplies from Computer Controls provide stable and reliable power output

Power your Hardware Design to Achieve Specific Application Goals

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Power supplies provide stable and reliable power output and offer customisation options such as adjustable voltage and current settings. They come with safety features such as over-voltage and over-current protection. They're also designed for efficiency and regulation to ensure consistent performance.

Electronic loads play a vital role in testing and characterising power sources by simulating different load conditions, allowing precise control of parameters for detailed analysis. They also facilitate energy recovery and overload testing, making it an essential tool in electronics testing and development.

Bi-directional converters are a critical component in energy storage systems and regenerative braking applications, as they allow power to flow in both directions. They facilitate the integration of renewable energy sources into the electrical grid, improving power factor and providing grid support functions such as frequency regulation and voltage support.

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We have got the power! On a bench or in a system, our DC power supplies are ready for your application, offering optimal choices in voltage, current, capability, and precision. Our power supplies’ portfolio ranges from Watts to 100 Kilowatts plus, DC and AC programmable, e-loads and bidirectional, linear and switch-mode and regenerative loads to increase efficiency.

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Advanced ultra-low power system-on-chip (SoC) solutions

Introducing Revolutionising Energy-efficient Semiconductor Solutions of Ambiq

We announce new partnership with Ambiq, a renowned pioneer in ultra-low power semiconductor solutions that enable AI on endpoint devices. With a shared vision of enabling smart devices everywhere, this cooperation aims to drive our customer's industries towards more endpoint intelligence.

step forward in high-power programmable DC power supply

New Milestone IT6600 Series High Power DC Power Supply

The ITECH IT6600 series of bi-directional programmable DC power supplies sets new standards for ease of use and environmental friendliness. They are compact yet powerful, offering up to 42kW in a 3U chassis, saving space and increasing efficiency.

Power supply solutions by Kewell Technology

Providing Kewell test solutions to various industries based on test power supplies

Computer Controls has strengthened its test and measurement product range with the addition of Kewell Technology's solutions for power supply testing, hydrogen energy testing and intelligent manufacturing equipment, power semiconductor testing and intelligent production line testing. 

Keysight E36234A B2901B DAQ970A

Choose your rewards when buying Keysight Instruments

Upgrade measurements with free Keysight accessories on select purchases. 

GW Instek GDM-9061

Save 25% on GW Instek GDM-9061

Upgrade your measurement capabilities with the GW Instek GDM-9061! 

ITECH Promotion 50% off

Save 50% on ITECH Instruments on stock

DC power supplies, e-load modules, USB communication interfaces, and more are now 50% off.


AWGs to Manipulate Vacancy in Diamond

Color centers within diamonds, like nitrogen vacancies (NVs), show promise for quantum emitters but face challenges such as efficient emission into the zero-phonon line (ZPL).

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