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Kewell Company is a renowned provider of test solutions and intelligent manufacturing equipment to a variety of industries, specialising in test power supplies. With a focus on innovation and customer focused solutions, Kewell offers three primary product lines: Test Power Supplies, Hydrogen Energy Testing and Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment and Power Semiconductor & Intelligent Production Line Testing.

The versatility of Kewell's test power supplies enables seamless integration into various downstream applications including new energy power generation, electric vehicles, fuel cells and power semiconductor industries. In addition, Kewell serves sectors such as rail transport, automotive electronics, intelligent manufacturing, electromechanical devices, aerospace and laboratory certification.
Kewell's core values revolve around taking greater responsibility, encouraging innovation and a relentless pursuit of improvement. With a vision to become the world's leading test equipment brand, Kewell is dedicated to providing professional products and services that prioritise precision and convenience in the testing process.

Kewell Solutions Overview

Electric Vehicle Test

By ensuring the performance, safety, reliability and regulatory compliance of electric vehicles, while driving innovation and cost optimisation in the EV industry, electric vehicle test solutions play a critical role in accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles.

  • Performance Evaluation
    EV test solutions enable manufacturers to thoroughly evaluate the performance of electric vehicles, including battery life, energy efficiency, motor performance, and overall drivability. 
  • Battery Testing and Management
    EV test solutions enable accurate testing and analysis of battery packs. This includes capacity testing, thermal management and degradation analysis.
  • Cost Optimization
    By enabling efficient testing and validation processes, EV test solutions help manufacturers identify potential design flaws, performance inefficiencies, and safety risks early in the development cycle.
Electric vehicle testElectric vehicle test

Power Battery Test

Battery testing is critical to ensuring the performance, safety, reliability and compliance of battery systems in various applications, ultimately helping to advance and adopt clean energy technologies.

  • Reliability and Durability Assessment
    To assess battery reliability and durability under a range of operating conditions, Power Battery Testing provides accelerated ageing testing, including cycle life testing, calendar ageing and environmental stress testing. 
  • Efficiency Improvement
    Battery testing allows manufacturers to analyse battery efficiency factors such as internal resistance, voltage hysteresis and charge/discharge rates. 
  • Safety Assurance
    Power battery testing enables thorough evaluation of safety issues such as thermal stability, overcharge/overdischarge protection, short circuit protection and cell-to-cell uniformity.
Power battery testPower battery test

Hydrogen Energy & Fuel Cell Test

Fuel cell testing is essential to the development, performance and reliability of fuel cell systems, ultimately contributing to the wider adoption of hydrogen energy solutions and the transition to a sustainable energy future.

  • Safety Validation
    Hydrogen energy and fuel cell testing includes safety assessments such as leak testing, thermal stability testing and failure mode analysis to ensure safe operation and reduce the risk of hydrogen related accidents.
  • System Integration and Compatibility
    Testing helps integrate fuel cell systems with other components such as hydrogen storage, power electronics and controls.
  • Cost Reduction
    Testing allows manufacturers to identify opportunities for cost reduction through design optimisation, material selection and manufacturing process improvements by addressing performance and reliability issues early in the development process.
Fuel cell testingFuel cell testing

Power Semiconductor Test

The testing of power semiconductors plays a crucial role in ensuring the reliability, performance and safety of semiconductor devices and ultimately contributes to the development of efficient and reliable electronic systems for a wide range of applications.

  • Thermal Management
    Power semiconductor devices generate heat during operation, which can affect device performance and reliability. Thermal testing of junction temperature, thermal resistance and thermal impedance helps to optimise device designs.
  • Quality Control
    Testing lets manufacturers identify and eliminate defective semiconductor devices during the production process, ensuring consistent product quality and reliability. 
  • Efficiency Optimisation
    Evaluating the electrical characteristics and performance parameters of semiconductor devices, including voltage/current ratings, switching speed, on-resistance and thermal performance, assures that semiconductor devices meet the required performance specifications for their intended applications.
Power semiconductor testPower semiconductor test

Photovoltaic Energy Storage Test

Photovoltaic (PV) energy storage testing plays a critical role in ensuring the efficiency, reliability, safety and environmental sustainability of energy storage systems that are integrated with PV solar systems, ultimately contributing to the widespread adoption of clean and renewable energy technologies.

  • System Optimisation
    Photovoltaic energy storage testing facilitates optimization of system components such as batteries, charge controllers, inverters, and energy management systems. 
  • Performance Evaluation
    ests allow an overall evaluation of the performance of photovoltaic energy storage devices, including battery charge/discharge efficiency, energy conversion efficiency, device response time and overall device performance under varying operating conditions. 
  • Grid Integration Compatibility
    Grid compatibility testing includes grid connection performance testing, grid frequency response testing and grid stability testing to ensure seamless integration with the utility grid and compliance with grid interconnection standards.
Photovoltaic energy storage testingPhotovoltaic energy storage testing

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