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Computer Controls experts collaborating on product design and product lifecycle management PLM with software solutionsComputer Controls experts collaborating on product design and product lifecycle management PLM with software solutions

Software Solutions for your Product Design and Product Lifecycle Management PLM Challenges

Your Needs

The challenges and needs of industrial customers such as manufacturers and design service providers relate primarily to digitalization, IoT and Industry 4.0 combined with cloud services, platforms, mixed reality, and artificial intelligence (AI). Modern CAD and PLM software solutions must be able to digitally manage all information and processes at every step of a product or service lifecycle across globalized supply chains: The right information is protected, available at the right time, in the right form and at the right place.

So-called integration platforms combine knowledge and know-how with the help of a uniform data model and a uniform ontology, support all disciplines and act as central sources of information. As a result, decentralized and cross-location collaboration takes on a new significance and software solutions need to meet this demands.

Our Services

We believe: Finding the right software solutions and licensing model, as well as the associated onboarding and integration of new and existing software tools needs a trustworthy partner.

We offer our experience as a solution consultant and associated set-up services that provide you with 100 percent support from the genesis of your idea through project implementation to actual implementation  in a wide range of industries and business sectors.

Software Solutions We Support

Enhance your design experience and streamline your path to success: We translate your needs into solutions and onboarding software services tailored to you

Solidworks & 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Thanks to a collaborative environment like 3DEXperience, you connect the entire ecosystem of your business: people, ideas, data and processes. This
enables secure, real-time collaboration on any device. Browser-based ease of use, simplicity, and speed - manage all product data from different authoring systems in an integrated approach.

Altium Designer & Altium 365 Platform

With Altium Designer and Altium 365 software solutions, we help you establish an efficient working environment. We help you improve your working methods in PCB design and support you in using the extensive features of the various software suites and design packages.

armKEIL Studio Cloud

Keil Studio Cloud of arm is a modern browser-based IDE for Mbed development with compilation, code completion, linting and browser debugging. Fully compatible with Mbed OS 5 and 6 and Mbed 2. It provides code completion and highlighting for Mbed projects based on language semantics and an analysis of your source code.

Software Services by CControls

We provide certified software quality tools and expertise, reduce critical software development costs and schedule risk and help with software quality analysis, verification, requirements traceability, and standards compliance. Our software services help getting new and existing users the maximum out of your software environment.

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We help your inspiration take shape and let leading-edge software solutions follow your design ideas.

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reimagine product development process

SOLIDWORKS Reimagine Your Product Development Process

Discover expert insights on streamlining design, prototyping, manufacturing, and more to drive efficiency and profitability. Don't let your competitors get ahead - empower your team with the tools and expertise they need to thrive.

Learn how adding your SOLIDWORKS data to the cloud can help you

SOLIDWORKS - Are you ready to transform your product development?

Learn how adding your SOLIDWORKS data to the cloud can help you continue to develop products from anywhere and at any time. 

exclusive SOLIDWORKS license promotion

Exclusive SOLIDWORKS License Promotion

Take advantage of our exclusive SOLIDWORKS license promotion until June 30, 2024. Enjoy better pricing, volume discounts, and value upgrades before prices adjust on July 1, 2024. Act Now: Beat the July 1st SOLIDWORKS Price Increase!

Integrate your product development data with the cloud

SOLIDWORKS Collaborate with Your Team Remotely

Discover the power of seamless collaboration with SOLIDWORKS. Integrate your product development data with the cloud for effortless teamwork, whether you're at home or on the go. Effortlessly manage design data, annotate designs, create communities for brainstorming, and streamline project management - all with just an internet connection. Revolutionise your business operations and decision-making. 

solidworks advantages of bringing data to the cloud

SOLIDWORKS Advantages of Bringing Your Data to the Cloud

Learn how forward-thinking organisations are embracing cloud solutions to drive efficiency, reduce costs, and accelerate time-to-market. 
Discover the key strategies for using cloud-based technologies in our latest eBook for download.

Software Services by Computer Controls

Software Services to Get the Most out of your Software Solution

Our holistic implementation and consulting services are designed to unleash the full power of Altium Designer, Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE, and Solidworks as quickly as possible to help you do what you do best: Create world-class products.

Altium Carefree Service Package

Altium Carefree Service Package

Go beyond your licence and take advantage of our Altium services, including training, onboarding and ongoing support. Elevate your organisation's core strengths and meet your time-to-market goals by unlocking the full software potential.

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