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The current situation in the chip market can be a big challenge for your electronic components procurement and for your manufacturing planning supply chains. Computer Controls offers you a wide range of services around the topic of purchasing electronic components and semiconductors. From your initial design & system concept, through manufacturing to full lifecycle management - we provide the right semiconductors and electronic components, as well as professional technical support. When it comes to independence and transparency, we are your qualified partner for performance and solution-oriented electronic components procurement.

Our Services

When sourcing the right electronic components at the right time, we offer technical advice and suitable alternatives to help you make the right decisions for design-in, your prototyping, and your mass production.
With the design-in for our franchised manufacturers, we accompany you from the start-up phase of your project through the development of the product to the implementation and series production. In close cooperation with our semiconductor manufacturers, we provide you with corresponding samples.
Our special procurement sources semiconductor stocks for you worldwide at the best possible prices. We benefit from our excellent supplier network. We also offer annual framework orders and long-term storage as well as technical support & obsolescence management.
Outsource your excess management conveniently. We handle distribution of your unused stock or excess stock of semiconductors and electronic components. They lock up unnecessary capital that you might invest elsewhere.

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Compile and upload your complete bill of material (BOM), required to manufacture your product. You can easily send us the list of components via our BOM upload. The more detailed and planned your bill of material is, the faster we can guarantee the supply of your production lines. In our logistics center, we adapt our warehouses to your demanding production cycles and ship promptly.

We have the expertise and a specially selected semiconductor portfolio to meet your demanding requirements in performance- and solution-oriented electronic components procurement and turn your visions into reality.

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