About Powertip

PowerTip, headquartered in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, stands as a leading provider in the display industry, offering a comprehensive range of solutions to cater to diverse sectors. With a history dating back to 1993, PowerTip has established itself as a reliable and innovative player in the market.

Powertip Solutions Overview


  • LCD Displays: PowerTip offers a wide selection of LCD displays, available in various sizes and specifications to meet the specific requirements of different applications.
  • TFT Displays: Elevating visual experiences, PowerTip provides TFT displays with vibrant colors and high resolutions, suitable for a range of applications.
  • Customized Solutions: Understanding the unique needs of clients, PowerTip offers customized display solutions, ensuring tailored displays to fit specific project demands.
  • Quality Assurance: PowerTip maintains a stringent quality assurance process, subjecting each display to thorough testing to guarantee reliability and optimal performance.
  • Innovation: Committed to innovation, PowerTip continuously explores new technologies and advancements in the display industry to provide cutting-edge solutions.
  • Global Reach: With a strong global presence and distribution network, PowerTip ensures efficient delivery and comprehensive support for its products worldwide.

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powertip type display

Powertip introduces the PH480128T002-ZCA type display

Introducing Powertip's New Bar Type Display: PH480128T002-ZCA


Powertip touch panel

PH480272T016-ZHR: Powertip's latest breakthrough!

The PH480272T016-ZHR is the latest addition from our valued supplier Powertip. Find out more!

powertip touch screen hmi

Introducing Powertip's PH128800T007-ZHC04: The Ultimate 10.1" LVDS TFT Display with HDMI Board

We are proud to annouce the new product release PH128800T007-ZHC04 from Powertip, a 10.1” LVDS TFT display with an HDMI board, perfect for your touch screen HMI needs on Linux or embedded systems.

power tip industrial touch monitor

Unveiling Powertip's Cutting-Edge 23.8” Industrial Touch Monitor

Powertip is proud to announce its latest innovation: the 23.8" industrial touchmonitor HDA192108T004-ZAC.

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