Smart ConnectedLabels Designed for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Shipment Monitoring

Ynvisible's ConnectedLabels designed for pharmaceutical and healthcare shipment monitoring
Smart ConnectedLabels Designed for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Shipment Monitoring

Ynvisible and Hive-Zox announce breakthrough in pharmaceutical supply chain monitoring

Ynvisible and Hive-Zox have unveiled a breakthrough smart label designed to transform the pharmaceutical supply chain. The new ConnectedLabel uses Ynvisible's ultra-thin, low-power e-paper displays to provide real-time monitoring capabilities for pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

The ConnectedLabel represents a significant advancement in supply chain visibility and security. It addresses the urgent need for reliable, real-time tracking of sensitive pharmaceutical products, ensuring their integrity and efficacy from manufacturer to end user. With features such as real-time data display and ultra-low power consumption, the ConnectedLabel stands out as an innovative solution to modern supply chain challenges.

Hive-Zox, known for its expertise in IoT-enabled monitoring solutions, has integrated its technology with Ynvisible's displays to create a label that not only monitors, but also displays critical information directly on the packaging. This capability allows stakeholders to access vital data instantly, ensuring timely intervention and informed decision making.

The partnership anticipates a significant scale-up in production, with plans to produce over 1 million units per year by 2025. The collaboration underlines a shared commitment to improving supply chain efficiency and product safety through cutting-edge technology. The launch of the ConnectedLabel marks a milestone in the industry and promises to set new standards for how pharmaceutical products are monitored and managed throughout the supply chain. Togehter with Ynvisible we are excited about the potential of this innovation to make a real impact on product safety, regulatory compliance and overall supply chain visibility.

Stay tuned for more updates as our supplier Ynvisible continues to lead the way in smart label technology and drive the future of pharmaceutical supply chain management.

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