Broad Variety of Energy-efficient Printed E-paper Displays from Ynvisible

energy-efficient printed e-paper solutions
Broad Variety of Energy-efficient Printed E-paper Displays from Ynvisible

We enable new product access to Ynvisible’s interactive printed graphic solutions for battery-driven or battery-less IoT devices

E-paper displays from Ynvisible are energy-efficient, ultra-low-power, thin, flexible and with endless customizable design freedom. Common applications include medical devices, smart packages and containers, logistics- and cold chain monitoring devices, consumer electronics, smart cards, and smart labels in general. They are also applied in wearable devices and patches, and fast-moving consumer goods.

“Choosing our e-paper displays will reduce cost at both the component level and the system level. Unlike LCDs, LEDs or EPDs, the innovative electrochromic roll-to-roll screen-printing process means ultra-low-cost mass production”, states Keith Morton, VP Sales & Marketing at Ynvisible. “Our customers can individually experiment with different shapes, forms, and colors. The time has come to try something more visually appealing.”

This new partnership shows customers of Computer Controls AG once again that the full-range technical supplier has understood innovation and fuels the development of new product introductions. “We are pleased that Ynvisible’s cutting-edge technology fits perfectly into our portfolio for IoT applications. We are determined to bring e-paper solutions quickly and competitively to the DACH and Eastern European markets”, says Harald Weigelt, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Computer Controls AG.

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