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Established in 1975, Good Will Instrument Co. (aka GW Instek) has solidified its position as a prominent provider of electronic test and measurement instruments. Offering a diverse array of products such as oscilloscopes, signal generators, spectrum analyzers, and power supplies, GW Instek is renowned for delivering precise and reliable solutions to professionals across various industries.

With a global presence spanning over 80 countries, GW Instek has successfully established itself as a trusted partner for engineers and researchers worldwide. Their commitment to innovation ensures that customers have access to cutting-edge technologies, empowering them to address their testing needs with confidence and efficiency. Whether in telecommunications, electronics manufacturing, or research laboratories, GW Instek continues to drive progress and innovation through its comprehensive range of instruments and solutions.

GW Instek Solutions Overview

Battery Industry Solutions

GW Instek offers a comprehensive suite of electronic testing and measurement solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of industries worldwide. In the battery industry, GW Instek provides specialized solutions for testing and analyzing batteries, ensuring their performance, reliability, and safety. These solutions include battery testers, chargers, and analyzers, enabling manufacturers to optimize battery production processes and improve overall product quality.

Explore our blog to learn more about our product highlights, such as the GW Instek GDM-9061 Digital Multimeter. Discover its versatile features and how it enhances measurement accuracy and efficiency in battery testing and beyond.

Battery industry solutionsBattery industry solutions

Industry 4.0 Solutions

For industries embracing Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing, GW Instek provides solutions to support automation, connectivity, and data-driven decision-making. These Industry 4.0 solutions feature advanced test and measurement instruments with integrated connectivity features, enabling real-time monitoring, remote control, and predictive maintenance of manufacturing equipment and processes.

Delve deeper into universal testing toolsets for power line filter tests on our blog. Explore the necessity of testing devices with non-linear parameters, like power line filters, and discover how our comprehensive range of measuring equipment, including oscilloscopes, LCR-meters, Electrical Safety Analyzers, and digital multimeters, ensures accurate and efficient testing across diverse industrial applications.

Industry 4.0 solutionsIndustry 4.0 solutions

Power Conversion Technologies

GW Instek serves the needs of power electronics engineers and manufacturers with a range of instruments tailored for power conversion technologies. These solutions encompass programmable power supplies, electronic loads, and power analyzers, facilitating precise testing and characterization of DC-DC converters, AC-DC converters, inverters, and other power electronic devices.

Visit our blog to learn about DC Load Regulation tests' importance in power supply evaluation. Understand DUT parameters in varied conditions for effective prototype testing. Discover the significance of using programmable power supplies and electronic loads for accurate emulation, ensuring thorough testing of power electronic devices.

Power conversion technologies such as photovoltaicsPower conversion technologies such as photovoltaics

Automotive Test Solutions

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers rely on GW Instek's automotive test solutions for comprehensive testing and validation of electronic components and systems in vehicles. These solutions include oscilloscopes, signal generators, spectrum analyzers, and specialized automotive diagnostic tools, enabling engineers to perform functional tests, signal analysis, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing to ensure compliance with automotive industry standards and regulations.

Find out more about the ASR-3000 Series AC+DC power source and its contributions to automotive testing accuracy in our blog.

Automotive test solutionsAutomotive test solutions

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GW Instek MPO-2000 - New series of multifunctional, programmable oscilloscopes

The GW Instek MPO-2000 Series oscilloscopes offer a multifunctional measurement solution. Integrating a spectrum analyzer, waveform generator, multimeter, and DC power supply, they support Python scripting and advanced bus decoding, making them ideal for diverse electronic analysis and control tasks.

GW Instek GDM-9061

Save 25% on GW Instek GDM-9061

Upgrade your measurement capabilities with the GW Instek GDM-9061! 

GW Instek GDM-9061 Digital Multimeter

Product Highlight: GW Instek GDM-9061 Digital Multimeter

The GW Instek desktop GDM-9061 DMM offers versatile features, including front and back measurement inputs, a 4.3" TFT display showing two parameters, and functions akin to a digital storage oscilloscope, making it a convenient and accurate addition to any modern measurement laboratory, with quick delivery times setting it apart from competitors.

GW Instek GPP-x323

DC Load Regulation tests with GW Instek GPP-x323

DC Load Regulation tests with GW Instek GPP-x323 series Programmable DC Power Supply

Universal testing toolset

Universal testing toolset for power line filter tests

This Blog shows the possibility of creating a universal testing toolset on the example of the capabilities of Computer Controls

GW-Instek ASR-300 Series

GW-Instek new ASR-300 Series

The new GW-Instek ASR-3000 Series is an AC+DC power source, featuring high-speed DC voltage rising and falling time and includes three models.

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