Neoway revamps Energy and Telematics Communication Solutions for Industrial Advances

components for car telematics connectivity and smart energy consumption
Neoway revamps Energy and Telematics Communication Solutions for Industrial Advances

Neoway Smart Energy Communication Solution 

IoT technologies have emerged as a game-changer, amplifying the capabilities of energy systems in the collection, transmission and application of information amidst the accelerating shift towards low-carbon practices and digital transformation in the energy sector. Neoway, a pioneer in the field, is at the forefront of connecting the Internet and things, and is committed to providing reliable and secure communication products and services tailored specifically for the energy industry.

Addressing industry pain points

Recognising the common challenges within energy communication systems, such as communication failures, excessive power consumption, frequent dropouts, complex fault identification, data under-reporting and remote maintenance hurdles, Neoway has developed innovative solutions to overcome these obstacles.

Solution Advantages

Neoway's commitment to providing customers with robust and reliable cloud pipe device solutions is unwavering. Their product portfolio includes 2G/3G/4G/5G/NB-IoT/eMTC cellular modules and devices supporting a wide range of network modes. These solutions are widely used in energy metering, grid digitisation, smart power systems and various other industries, enhancing the stability, reliability and security of energy communication systems.

Product Offerings

Neoway offers a comprehensive range of products, including SG modules, 4G modules, NB-IoT modules, smart modules, GNSS modules and antennas, each designed to provide energy industry stakeholders with cutting-edge communication capabilities.Neoway Telematics Communications Solutions

Empowering Mobility with Next-Generation Connectivity

In the realm of telematics, Neoway's solutions are driving innovation and efficiency. As the demand for stable and reliable wireless communication within in-vehicle terminals continues to rise, Neoway stands at the forefront, offering robust solutions to meet industry demands.

Solution Advantages

Neoway's telematics communication solutions, built on 5G, 4G, V2X, and other cellular communication technologies, provide stable, reliable, and secure access communications for a diverse array of telematics ecosystem players. From automobile factories to tier1 suppliers, vehicle terminal manufacturers, and cloud computing platforms, Neoway's solutions are revolutionizing connectivity in the automotive industry.

Product Offerings

Neoway covers GNSS/NAVIC/IRNSS modules, 5G/4G telematics modules (pre-market), and 4G/Smart modules (aftermarket). These solutions boast a plethora of advantages, including:

  • More Stable Communications: Ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.
  • High Quality Guarantee: Adherence to rigorous standards such as IATF:16949 and ISO9001
  • High Security: Incorporating features like Secure Boot, Trust Zone, and Safe Storage for enhanced data protection
  • Rich Extension Functions: Offering automotive Ethernet, Vol TE, Wi-Fi, codec, eMMC, and more for expanded functionality and versatility

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