Test Solutions for Medical Equipment (Part 3/3)

Test Solutions for Medical Equipment
Test Solutions for Medical Equipment (Part 3/3)

As the global population ages and the number of individuals requiring medical attention increases, there is a growing need for advanced medical equipment. This surge in demand has propelled significant expansion in the medical electronics market, especially for high-end devices like CT scanners, MRI machines, and high-end ultrasonic diagnostic instruments. In response, manufacturers of medical electronic equipment are ramping up investments and fostering innovation to meet these market needs.

Overview of Solutions

Following the development of the medical electronics industry, we offer high-precision, high-speed, high-power-density battery simulators, AC/DC power supplies, AC/DC electronic loads, power analysers, and other test instruments. Our solutions provide accurate, efficient, and energy-saving testing solutions for various medical electronic applications.

Electronic Component Testing

Semiconductor components are essential in modern medical electronic devices, where they support functions like operational control, data processing and storage, wireless connectivity, and power management. They play a crucial role in integrating diagnostics, monitoring, imaging, and communication features, thereby significantly enhancing the functionality of medical equipment.

Electronic Component TestingElectronic Component Testing

Sensor Test, Chip Aging Test


DC Power Supply: IT-M3400, IT-M3600,
IT-M3100, IT-M3300. IT-M3100D

  • 1U half rack
  • Suitable for single-unit applications or integration into test systems
  • Clear display of channel numbers for easy identification
  • Independent operation capability for each channel
  • Scalable up to 16 units for parallel connection
  • Resolution: 1mV/1mA
Sensor Test, Chip Aging TestSensor Test, Chip Aging Test

Medical Sensor Testing

Medical sensors, employed in the biomedical field, translate physiological data from the human body into electrical signals, establishing a direct functional connection. As the complexity of medical wearable devices grows, so does the integration and usage of sensors within them, broadening their applications extensively.


IT-M3200 High Precision
DC Power Supply

IT6400 Bipolar DC Power Supply /
Battery Simulator

Medical Sensor TestingMedical Sensor Testing

Discrete Component Testing

  1. Static current test: With the IC under no load and no oscillation at a specific voltage, an ammeter is connected between the positive terminal of the power supply and the IC's VDD. The resulting reading on the ammeter represents the static current of the IC.
  2. Driven current test: At a predetermined voltage, the IC's load is substituted with an adjustable resistor. The IC is then activated, and during output, the resistance is adjusted to align the IC's output level with the specified test requirements.
Discrete Component TestingDiscrete Component Testing
  • IT-M3400 Bidirectional DC Power Supply
  • IT6400 Bipolar DC Power Supply / Battery Simulator
  • IT-M3600 Regenerative Power System
  • IT-M3100 Ultra-compact Wide Range DC Power Supply
  • IT-M3300 Regenerative DC Electronic Load
  • IT8800 High Power DC Electronic Load

Medical Robots and Drones

During the pandemic, drones have become versatile tools for tasks like disseminating preventive information, conducting disinfection, and monitoring efforts. They are also invaluable in emergency disaster response. Similarly, medical robots, such as surgical, rehabilitation, and AI temperature measurement robots, have proven highly beneficial. These technologies rely on key components like power regulator circuits, motor drive circuits, infrared obstacle avoidance circuits, cameras, manipulators, displays, and batteries.

Testing requirements include verifying power board performance, assessing motor performance through stall and aging tests, and evaluating battery performance via simulation, charge/discharge tests, battery life tests, and lidar tests.

  • IT-M3900C/IT-M3400 Regenerative and Bidirectional DC Power Supply
  • IT-M3900B/IT-M3600 Regenerative Power System
  • IT6000C Bidirectional Programmable DC Power Supply
  • IT-M3100 Ultra-compact Wide Range DC Power Supply
  • IT8800/IT8500+ Programmable DC Electronic Load
  • BSS2000 Battery Simulation Software
Medical Robots and DronesMedical Robots and Drones

Telemedicine Services (AR/VR Technology)

Telemedicine Services utilize virtual imaging technologies like VR/AR/MRI to bridge the gap between the virtual and real worlds. These technologies, facilitated by wearable devices, offer timely and accurate information and solutions tailored to specific scenarios. They are instrumental in various medical applications, including imaging, surgery, clinical treatment, telemedicine, and health education.

Telemedicine Services (AR/VR Technology)Telemedicine Services (AR/VR Technology)

AR Glasses and Remote Assistance

AR Glasses and Remote Assistance platforms provide functionalities such as doctor remote guidance, remote emergency assistance, and monitoring capabilities including face recognition and car license recognition, contributing to the concept of a smart hospital. Test items for these platforms typically include IoT testing to ensure seamless connectivity and WiFi module testing to verify the reliability and performance of wireless communication protocols.

  • IT-M3200 High Precision Programmable DC Power Supply
  • IT6400 Bipolar DC Power Supply / Battery Simulator


For OLED testing, the devices under test (DUT) typically include key components used in VR/AR applications, such as video processing chips, display screens, sensors, and micro-projection devices. Test items encompass evaluating OLED power consumption and conducting static current tests across various brightness levels. Additionally, the OLED driver circuit is subjected to thorough testing to ensure proper functionality. Finished product burn-in tests are also performed to assess the durability and reliability of the OLED components in real-world usage scenarios

  • IT-M3100 Ultra-compact Wide Range DC Power Supply
  • IT-M3100D Dual-channel Programmable DC Power Supply
  • IT6400 Bipolar DC Power Supply / Battery Simulator
  • IT-M3200 High Precision Programmable DC Power Supply
  • IT-M3300 Regenerative DC Electronic Load 


As the demand for advanced medical equipment continues to rise, it becomes imperative to ensure the reliability, efficiency, and safety of these critical devices. At Computer Controls, we offer a comprehensive range of high-precision testing solutions tailored to the unique needs of the medical electronics industry. From power supply testing for medical imaging equipment to battery testing for portable and wearable medical devices, our instruments provide accurate and efficient testing capabilities. Whether you're in need of solutions for medical sensor testing, telemedicine services utilizing AR/VR technology, or OLED testing for advanced display applications, Computer Controls is your trusted partner for reliable and innovative testing solutions in the medical electronics sector.

Download the Application Note

Get into more details and explore the forefront of medical electronics testing with our comprehensive application note covering a wide spectrum of topics:

  • Test Solutions for Medical Imaging EquipmentMain and Auxiliary Power Supply Test
    • High Voltage Generator Test
    • X-ray Tube Testing
    • Battery Test for In-Vehicle CT and Mobile DR
  • Testing of Portable/Wearable Medical Devices
    • Battery Test
    • Low Power Consumption Test
    • Battery Simulation
  • Testing Solution for Power Supply of Medical Equipment
  • Electronic Component Testing
    • Sensor Test, Chip Aging Test
    • Medical Sensor Testing
    • Discrete Component Testing
  • Medical Robots and Drones
  • Telemedicine Services (AR/VR Technology)AR
    • Glasses and Remote Assistance
    • OLED Test
App Note: Test Solutions for Medical EquipmentApp Note: Test Solutions for Medical Equipment

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