About miromico

Miromico is an innovative high-tech company, focussing on design services in the areas of integrated circuits, electronic systems and software. Their customers include international corporations such as IBM, Infineon, Roche and Credit Suisse, as well as SME’s. Miromico focuses on tailor-made solutions that meet the requirements of its customers. It has matured into a strong engineering company with a focus in hardware design.

The Intelligent sensors for different workspaces from Miromico enable the technical realization of their and our customers. While their client defines and supervises the project, Miromico focuses on solving the technical challenges. Their experienced and motivated engineers with distinctions in the areas of electronics and software engineering enable customers to realize their projects reliably and on time.

miromico Solutions Overview


  • High Performance indoor LoRaWAN®-Gateway with configurable options
  • High Performance indoor LoRaWAN® gateway secured by the Microsoft Azure Sphere® and remote configuration support
  • LoRaWAN®-Gateway mPCIe Card for demanding applications
  • Complete mioty® base station on mPCIe format

IoT Devices

  • Versatile room sensor for monitoring the environment
  • Solar Powered Indoor Room Monitor
  • Matter-ready multi-sensor for room and environment monitoring
  • Customizable, multi-purpose IoT Button optimized for low energy consumption
IoT devices by miromicoIoT devices by miromico


  • Low-power WiFi Module with BLE Miromico Standard Module Footprint (MSMF)
  • LoRaWAN®-RF-Modules Ultra small form factor
  • LoRaWAN®-RF-Modules Miromico Standard Module Footprint (MSMF)
  • LoRaWAN®-RF-Modules based on STM32WL SoC Miromico Standard Module Footprint (MSMF)
Modules by miromicoModules by miromico

Get in Touch and Learn More

FMLR-8x-x-STLx LoRa® IoT modules from Miromico

Best in class LoRa transceiver modules

Revolutionizing the IoT world, these modules operate a fully compatible Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.0 stack using Semtech's powerful 2.4 GHz SX1280 LoRa transceiver. No need for separate BLE devices anymore – a game-changer!

Alliance with Miromico

New channel alliance for LoRaWAN high-tech components

We are now serving the European market with FMLR modules and gateways for LoRaWAN applications, analog, mixed-signal and digital microchips as well as customer-specific IoT solutions from Miromico AG.

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