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At Central Semiconductor, They are serious about discrete semiconductors. Their business is the pursuit of perfection in the devices they manufacture; the delivery of products; and the services Central Semiconductor provide; all the time, every time. To suit varying applications, Central Semiconductor products are available in surface mount, through-hole, and bare die. Their produce a wide range of standard devices, but excel in custom, special, and other niche products and services. As producer listen to customers and monitor industry changes, their product design teams are constantly developing new products to meet customers’ ever-changing requirements, as well as industry trends.

Discretes are Central Semiconductor only business. They maintain an extensive inventory of raw materials and finished goods so customers don't wait weeks or months for what they need. They welcome smaller quantity and special orders that our competitors brush aside, and they are always eager to explore inquiries for non-standard requirements. Every customer has a skilled Customer Relationship Manager/Regional Sales Manager team to coordinate all needs. Customer-focused, obsessed with quality, and dedicated to your complete satisfaction; that's what makes Central Semiconductor different.

Mission has always been to be a growing, profitable organization offering reliable, innovative products and outstanding service. Primary goal is to exceed customers’ expectations. Management Team fosters a customer-centered, dynamic corporate culture through leading by example, and providing ongoing training opportunities and positive feedback to employees, whom producer refer to as members. The care of customers is the every-day commitment we endeavor to achieve, and feedback is always welcome.

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Central Semiconductors Fast-Recovery Diodes

Central Semiconductors revolutionizes Fast-Recovery Diodes for high-speed applications!

Central Semiconductors introduces its state-of-the-art Fast-Recovery Diodes (FRDs), marking a pivotal leap forward in the realm of high-speed rectification within power electronics.

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