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Aim-TTi (or TTi, Thurlby Thandar Instruments) provides a variety of electronic test and measurement solutions suited to professionals globally. Their range includes benchtop power supplies, function generators, and oscilloscopes, focusing on accuracy, reliability, and performance. These instruments aim to simplify testing procedures and uphold measurement integrity, catering to users in research, development, and maintenance. Aim-TTi solutions are recognized for their simplicity and effectiveness, making them a popular choice for precision testing needs.

Aim-TTi Solutions Overview

Precision Testing in Electronics Manufacturing

In this sector, Aim-TTi's DC Power Supplies and Electronic Loads are indispensable for providing stable power and testing electronic components during manufacturing processes. These solutions ensure consistent and reliable performance, helping manufacturers maintain high-quality standards throughout production.

Precision testing in electronics manufacturingPrecision testing in electronics manufacturing

Research and Development

Aim-TTi's Source Measure Units enable high-speed precision characterization for research and development endeavours, which is vital for advancing projects in this field. Moreover, Arbitrary Generators facilitate waveform generation with variable-clock capability, essential for exploring new signal patterns and protocols, accelerating the pace of innovation.

For example, the new SMU4000 series by Aim-TTi simplifies testing applications in research and development, offering leading performance at a new and affordable price point.

Research and development for innovative electronics designResearch and development for innovative electronics design

Education and Training

In educational settings, Aim-TTi's Function Generators and Pulse Generators serve as essential teaching tools for demonstrating signal generation and pulse capabilities. Furthermore, Multimeters offer high accuracy and resolution, making them ideal for teaching professional measurement techniques, helping students gain practical skills for future endeavors.

Education and training in electronics industryEducation and training in electronics industry

Telecommunications and RF Testing

Aim-TTi's RF Signal Generators cover a wide frequency range for telecommunications and RF testing purposes, making them suitable for testing and calibration. Meanwhile, Spectrum Analyzers are essential for RF signal analysis, ensuring compliance with industry standards such as EMC measurements to EN61000-3-2 and EN61000-3-3, thereby facilitating smooth and efficient operations in telecommunications and RF testing environments.

Signal generators with wide frequency range for telecommunications and RF testing purposeSignal generators with wide frequency range for telecommunications and RF testing purpose

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SMU4000 Series

Simplyfying test with leading performance SMU at a new and affordable price point

Introducing the Source Measure Unit SMU4000 series by Aim-TTi as your ideal solution for industrial development and educational environments.

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