Agile Test & Measurement Automation with Python

Agile Test & Measurement Automation with Python
Agile Test & Measurement Automation with Python


In this workshop we focus on instrument automation with Python. After completing this session, youwill gain a good understanding of remote instrument control and you’re able to write a Python scriptthat automates a simple measurement on any instrument. You will learn to find the necessary resourcesto expand and adapt your testing-solution to your own requirements and needs.In an environment of growing test automation complexity many engineers gravitate towards agilelanguages like Python instead of using proprietary software solutions. Python is free and open source,provides an enormous support base, and the ability for Python users to both inspect and improve itscodebase. Python is a cross-platform language, it supports Windows, Mac OS, and Linux and runs onmany hardware-platforms from small embedded systems like Raspberry PI or Arduino to PCs andsupercomputers. The versatility, wide adoption in industry and other communities, and vast set of packages,makes Python the perfect candidate for test and measurement automation.


  • Learn basic concepts and needed components like SCPI, VISA, communication interfaces
  • Install needed software and drivers
  • Create a simple Python script to control multiple instruments. This serves as a templatefor your own projects
  • Timing control to synchronize measurements

1 day

Presence training in Otelfingen/Zurich

Test-Engineers, R&D Engineers

Basic Python knowledge or basic programming skills

Good understanding of remote instrument control by writing a Pythonscript that automates simple measurements on any instrument

Bring your own laptop computer, Windows 10 and at least one availableUSB port needed

Training certificate and confirmation of participation

Break & lunch catering & instruments to test your scripts are providedfor the duration of the workshop

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