Advanced module: Extension of fibre optic networks LWL03

Extension of fibre optic networks LWL03
Advanced module: Extension of fibre optic networks LWL03


  • Route creation
  • Pipe system and microduct systems
  • House entry and house transfer point (HÜP)
  • Blow-in technology
  • Joint assembly
  • Work according to splice plan in sleeve, distribution cabinet, HÜP
  • Opening different fibre optic cables
  • Cable labelling and documentation
  • Acceptance measurement

5 days

Face-to-face training in Biberach a. d. Riß, Erfurt and Esslingen

Target group
The module is aimed at technical specialists in communications, energy and building technology and pipe and cable construction who work in the expansion of fibre optic networks (network level 3).

Successful participation in module LWL10 - Fundamentals of fibre optic technology

Participants are qualified to professionally expand fibre optic networks from the exchange to the house transfer point (network level 3)

IHK certificate infrastructure specialist for fibre optic network technology Installation

€ 2,500 plus € 290 IHK test fee per participant

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