Maximum Efficiency with SOLIDWORKS PDM Implementation Services

Solidworks PDM Implementation Services
Maximum Efficiency with SOLIDWORKS PDM Implementation Services

Maximizing the Benefits of Your Product Design Management PDM

Proper alignment of people, processes, and software from the start is the foundation for maximizing the benefits of your product design management PDM. Our holistic SOLIDWORKS PDM implementation services are designed to line up the software with the processes and to train people to use PDM environment efficiently. Spend your time doing what you do best: Creating your next cutting-edge product.

You and your processes are the focus of our SOLIDWORKS PDM implementation services. Each step of the our service is tailored to your needs and the way your business operates to ensure maximum efficiency and long-term success.

CControls implementation processCControls implementation process

Our PDM Implementation Services - Your Benefits

The journey begins with a joint kick-off meeting to set the stage. Next, our engineering team installs the software environment and trains your staff as defined in your requirements. After configuring SOLIDWORKS PDM according to your processes and needs, the service concludes with a fine-tuning phase to maximize the benefits to the PDM solution.

Working closely with you, we deliver a PDM solution that simplifies day-to-day administration, enables more effective collaboration accross your organisation, and provide consistent design data throughout th product lifecycle by aligning people, processes, and software.

CControls Kick-off meetingCControls Kick-off meeting

Kick-Off Meeting

To get everyone on the same page, we explain the concepts and benefits of PDM. After defining the goals according to your processes and needs, we translate the goals into tasks and assign them to people. Finally, a timeline with milestones is created.

CControls Installaion processCControls Installaion process


All software installation is done remotely. After gaining access to your servers, network, and client machines using an appropriate client application, our engineers perform the PDM installation. During this step, login credentials are created for PDM administrators, deployment approvers, and administrators.
To ensure a smooth installation process, please consult our documentation of minimum performance requirements.

CControls Training serviceCControls Training service


We provide two sets of training: User Training and Administrator Training. The user training focuses on the basic functions and operation of SOLIDWORKS PDM and file handling. The administrator training is designed for people who monitor the system and make minor changes.

CControls configuration serviceCControls configuration service


SOLIDWORKS PDM is critical to maximizing the benefits of the software. Based on your requirements and processes, our application engineers will make the necessary settings and create the appropriate workflows.

CControls Fine-Tuning serviceCControls Fine-Tuning service


To further align people, processes, and software, we make minor adjustments to the PDM system as you begin using it in your daily operations. We also provide support to ensure that users and administrators have the knowledge they need to take full advantage of SOLIDWORKS PDM.

Why Computer Controls?

Our actions are driven by one goal: Making sure that our customers can ge the maximum out of the employed software tools. We understand that each SOLIDWORKS PDM environment is unique. That is the way we are committed to providing you with a PDM implemention that is tailord to your needs and requirements, aligning your team, your processes, and software.

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