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Spirent’s solutions address test, assurance, and automation challenges of a new generation of technologies like 5G, SD-WAN, cloud, autonomous vehicles and beyond. These solutions enable the world's most innovative companies to get to market faster, keep costs in check, ensure optimal user experiences, and manage cybersecurity risks. They cover the entire technology lifecycle, from the lab to real-world deployment in the communications, government, transportation, and automotive sectors. Spirent also address the needs of IT teams for large financial, industrial, healthcare and retail companies.

Spirent Solutions Overview

5G Test & Assurance

Ensure that 5G Standalone and CI/CD/CT deliver the expected benefits of time-to-market and cost efficiency. Use continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery/deployment (CD), and continuous testing (CT).

Private Networks: Ensure that private networks provide the necessary performance, resiliency, and security for enterprise applications and use cases.
Wi-Fi: Aim for reliable and repeatable test results when emulating real-world Wi-Fi environments. Spirent offers testing solutions that are customized for these new features, which are making Wi-Fi 7 a leading technology.

Telefónica Leverages Spirent Continuous Testing for Agile Delivery of 5G Private Networks

This White Paper features a case study of how Telefónica uses Landslide to deliver enhanced automation with a 3x faster test and assurance process for ensured performance of 5G private networks.

Open RAN Test & Assurance

To deliver unparalleled results and uncover limitless opportunities, our comprehensive testing navigates the challenges and ever-changing landscape. Spirent's O-RAN test solutions provide the performance and flexibility needed to support evolving O-RAN technologies.

Spirent's end-to-end Open RAN test solution enables global operators and equipment manufacturers to provide the best possible user experience with high levels of assurance that their networks and devices are ready for commercial rollout, delivering optimal performance to drive business outcomes. The solution includes functional, interoperability, performance, and compliance testing with either a real or emulated UE.

Open RAN - An Introduction

The eBook provides an exploration of high-level network architectures, deployment topologies, frequency support, synchronization profiles, and much more, the eBook helps you understand where issues may arise and how a comprehensive testing approach can help ensure the success of Open RAN initiatives. 

Open RAN test & assuranceOpen RAN test & assurance

High-Speed Ethernet

Spirent High-Speed Ethernet (HSE) test solutions verify and launch products and services dependent on emerging high-speed and high-density technologies quickly and with confidence, ensuring a reliable, high-quality user experience. Our solutions cover a range of speeds from 10G to 800G.

AI Networking: Ensure new high-speed Ethernet technology meets the data center networking needs of high-scale AI workloads.

Edge Computing solutions: To deliver the ultra-low latency required for next-gen use cases, Multi-access Edge Computing services must be ensured. Public or private cloud providers, including hyperscalers and operators, should validate the success of three delivery phases throughout the solution lifecycle.

Challenges and Opportunities of Transitioning to 400G

This White Paper addresses the importance of testing and explains how to enable OEMs, integrators, hyperscale data center, cloud providers and data center operators to accelerate development and deliver reliable, high-performing 400GbE systems.

High-speed ethernetHigh-speed ethernet


Learn how Spirent's impartial testing can simplify SD-WAN complexity. Cloud-based services demand a new approach to infrastructure testing and assurance, with advanced methodologies to tackle challenges at the service and application layers.

Critical SASE and SD-WAN Test Patterns and Measurements

It is critical to test security-related patterns accurately and to define meaningful measurements for both SASE and SD-WAN environments. This White Paper addresses unique testing challenges. 

SD-WAN/SASE in data centersSD-WAN/SASE in data centers

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Spirent SD WAN underlay assurance solution

Spirent SD-WAN underlay assurance solution

MSO prepares for SD-WAN with automation and virtual active testing

Simplifying 5G with a Network Digital Twin

Simplifying 5G with a Network Digital Twin

Moving from 4G to 5G heralds a major shift in telecom, offering unparalleled speed, precision, and complexity. This white paper delves into 5G's complexities and the need for innovative testing solutions, with Spirent Communications leading the charge.

automated testing and assurance solutions

Automated testing and assurance solutions for networks from Spirent

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