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Truvami is committed to driving security innovation through the development of highly flexible tracking solutions. The company's mission is to provide customers with the tools and insights they need to achieve ultimate peace of mind and maximise operational efficiency. The company is reshaping the future of security through innovative tracking solutions and combines Swiss precision with advanced technology to offer tiny trackers, yet powerful devices that provide customers with continuous geolocation insights for their assets, both indoors and outdoors for seamless geolocation visibility.

truvami Solutions Overview

Highly Flexible End-to-End Tracking Solutions

Truvami offers scalable end-to-end solutions from device to connectivity to application. View all your device data in one powerful dashboard. The cloud-based geolocation engine combines data from multiple sources to calculate highly accurate coordinates. It's easily accessible via an API for direct integration into your platform, offering greater accuracy and efficiency in location-based applications.

  • Enhanced Security
    Benefit from fast response times with customisable alerts for added security.

  • Advanced Geofencing
    Create custom geofences and alerts when an asset enters or leaves designated locations.

  • Theft Recovery
    Proactive and reactive theft prevention with your customised Truvami tracking solution.

  • Adaptive Tracking
    Adjusts data collection frequency: increase update rate when in motion and conserve battery life when stationary.

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