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Sumitomo Electric Industries is a manufacturer of electric wire and optic fiber cables headquartered in Japan. Founded in 1897, Sumitomo now operates in five business field: Automotive, Information & Communications, Electronics, Environment & Energy, and Industrial materials.

Sumitomo Electric Fusion Splicing Solutions

Sumitomo Electric is unmatched in innovation, speed and performance when it comes to fiber fusion splicers. Their industry-leading range of splicers offers fast fibre splicing and sets new standards in shrink time. Sumitomo Electric was the first to introduce the revolutionary and patented MPO Splice-On Connector technology, which revolutionised on-site connectivity, dramatically increasing project speed and reducing network migration costs. As the world leader in fibre optic and connectivity solutions, customers can expect reliable, flexible and truly outstanding performance. 

Fusion Splicers

Fusion splicers are indispensable for building optical communications networks. By utilising an electric arc discharge, they rapidly connect optical fibres and assess the connection’s quality.

Sumitomo Electric provide excellent Fusion Splicers with advanced splicing technology and quality support through their world-wide service centre network.

These state-of-the-art fusion splicing solutions will take any network infrastructure to the next level by offering fast termination and new standards in heat shrink time

Fusion splicersFusion splicers

Fiber Cleavers

Sumitomo's long life fine Fiber Cleavers are equipped with a high quality blade to ensure high quality cleave and reduced maintanace thanks to their patented blade rotation.

These fiber cleavers are the ultimate precision tool for cleaving single or ribbon fiber optic cables and pair perfectly with Sumitomo's range of fusion splicers.

Fiber cleaversFiber cleavers


All of Sumitomo's Fusion Splicers are equipped with their trademarked technology solutions NanoTune™ and SumiCloud™.

NanoTune™ enhances the splice experience by reducing both the time spent working and sthe overall splicing loss with the support of the World's  first AI splicing technology.

SumiCloud™ was developed by Sumitomo Electric as a cloud-based service using original in-house IoT technology to seamlessly share information and data from fusion splicing operations at the worksite. It allows project managers to monitor splicing progress and quality in real time right from the office. At the same time, operators in the field can connect to the dedicated smartphone app to manage their assets and splicing data, update their device's software, and receive maintenance support. As such, SumiCloud™ ensures the highest level of smart management for all sides of the splicing operation.

Technology solutions NanoTune™ and SumiCloud™Technology solutions NanoTune™ and SumiCloud™


Sumitomo provides all kind of accessories for their fusion splicers.

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