About Securosys

Securosys develops, produce, and distribute hardware, software and services that protect and verify data and their transmission. The company develops, programs, and builds products in Switzerland and with vetted partners in Europe. It puts great importance to secure supply chains and considers hardware is the key to information security. To ensure full transparency, customers can review all Securosys blue prints and source code – trust but verify.

Securosys Solutions Overview

Hardware Security Modules

Securosys Hardware Security Modules (HSM) can sign and encrypt data and authenticate transactions and messages. They are perfect for PKI environments and blockchain applications. They generate, store and manage digital identities (certificates), encryption keys and digital assets. Instead of storing this critical information anywhere on your network server or cloud server, an HSM securely locks it away. So even if your network is breached and your files are accessed, the most critical information, your digital identities and assets, your certificates and your encryption keys are protected. 

Securosys HSM, HSM as a Service and VPN systems are designed for encrypted communications and mesh link encryption and are easy to integrate into existing systems, extremely powerful and tamper resistant. 

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