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INNO Instrument stands at the forefront as a manufacturer, supplier and provider of quintessential products and services encompassing the fiber optic industry. The company offers high quality fusion splicers and fiber cleavers among other products as well as solutions such as fiber splicing and optimization services, fiber optic management and optical network infrastructure.

INNO Instrument Solutions Overview

Fusion Splicers

Fusion Splicers are essential tools in the fiber optics industry, used to connect two optical fibers end-to-end using an electric arc. The goal is to fuse two fibers together ensuring that light passing through the fibers doesn't scatter or reflect back to provide minimal loss and a seamless connection.

INNO Instrument Splicers available for purchase through Computer Controls:

M7 Series

These splicers adopt innovative product design and exquisite manufacturing technology to deliver unprecedented splicing experience.

  • Active V-Grooves
  • Compact Design
  • Touch Screen
  • Great Reliability

VIEW8 Pro Series

INNO Instrument's VIEW8 Pro Splicers are premium core-alignment splicers with the world’s highest specification and offer maximum work efficiency through the quick mode of 6s splice time and 9s heating time.

  • Ultra-large Battery
  • Pressure Heater
  • IoT & GPS
  • Intuitive UI
Fusion splicersFusion splicers

Fiber Cleavers

A fiber cleaver is an indispensable tool in the fiber optic field, meticulously designed to make a clean and precise cut on an optical fiber in preparation for splicing or termination. INNO Instrument's fiber cleavers are built for precision, providing extraordinary accuracy for every cleaving need.

INNO Instrument Cleavers available for purchase through Computer Controls:

V10 Pro

These Fiber Cleavers aim to be the most accurate and advanced of their kind on the market. The cleaves are made in a swift one-step action with fully automatic blade rotation after each cleave to ensure the best results are produced.

  • One-Step Operation
  • Up to 60,000 Cleaves
  • Digital Counter
  • Maintenance Free


The V12 Series Cleavers feature a built-in automatic fiber shard collector and a magnetic universal holder. They have been designed to cover a wide range of different cables, including 250μm & 900μm fiber cable, flat cable, ribbon fiber, and jumper cable.

  • Single-Action Operation
  • Excellent Visibility (90°)
  • Digital Counter
  • Magnetic Clamp

Both products are designed to work seamlessly with a M7 and VIEW8 Pro Splicer.

Fiber cleaversFiber cleavers

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