About Huber+Suhner

The global Swiss company HUBER+SUHNER develops and manufactures components and system solutions for electrical and optical transportation of data and energy. The company serves customers in the Communication, Transportation and Industrial markets with cables, connectors, cable systems, antennas and other passive components relying on its expertise in radio frequency, fiber optics and low frequency technologies. The products stand out due to their exceptional quality, reliability and durability – even under harsh environmental conditions. HUBER SUHNER maintains close relationships with its customers in more than 60 countries as the result of its global production network, own group companies and sales offices, as well as numerous distributors. The company captures promising markets with its ground-breaking developments.

Three Technologies in Three Main Markets

Huber+Suhner is a leading global supplier of components (rf passive components) and systems for electrical and optical connectivity. With headquarters in Switzerland, 25 group companies and numerous agencies in over 60 countries, they are close to their customers.

  • Communication
    Through its products, HUBER+SUHNER is making a significant contribution to the expansion and upgrading of mobile and fixed networks worldwide. Customer-specific solutions guarantee high-quality connections - electrical, optical or wireless.

  •  Transportation
    Huber Suhner as a leading provider of cables and cable systems, guarantees reliable power and signal transmission for the challenging environmental conditions encountered in railway and automotive applications.

  • Industrial
    In the industrial market, HUBER+SUHNER supplies products for very diverse sub-markets engaged in a variety of applications, including aerospace and defense, test and measurement, energy as well as offshore.

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