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Keep up with this fast-moving digital world! Eggplant’s full stack software test automation is designed for testing applications, systems, services, and digital experiences with AI-supported testing for any digital device, OS, browser, or platform. Experience how Eggplant products enable organizations to test, monitor, analyse, and report on the quality and responsiveness of complex websites, embedded user interfaces (UI), and many kinds of other software applications.

Manual testing alone is ill-equipped to address the ever-expanding test surface. Enter software test automation with Eggplant. Businesses all over the world are using Eggplant's software test automation solution to reduce time-to-market, save money, increase productivity, and deliver optimized user experience & usability.
You can do it too.

It’s been proven that fast, reliable sites and applications increase engagement, deliver revenue, and drive positive business outcomes. Ensuring that these objectives are met should be an essential part of any modern software test strategy. Eggplant automated testing software empowers you to:
Automate Modern Testing

Simplified Software Test Automation with Eggplant @ Keysight

Deliver Optimized User Experience & Usability

  • Automate Modern Testing
    Enable advanced automated software with Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) at DevOps speeds and at the same time
  • Improve Performance
    Employ scalable performance testing and resolve issues quickly to ensure optimal digital user experience without creating elaborate test protocols
  • Enable Artificial Intelligence
    Utilize Artificial Intelligence for end-to-end testing of customer journeys across all devices from the user perspective instead of building test scripts or code
  • User Experience Optimization Test
    Improve the delivery and quality of user experience for your environment.

Release Faster and Increase Accuracy with Eggplant

To manage the complexity and cost of software development, integration, test, and maintenance requires non-invasive testing and a customer-centric approach for debugging, integrating, and testing complex, embedded computer systems.

This ensures that user interface errors, bugs and performance issues are identified and addressed long before they go into production and have the chance to negatively impact the customer experience, brand perception or your bottom line. Software test automation and product validation testing with Eggplant is flexible, timesaving and fail-save.

  • Ditgital Automation
    Test smarter with Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) that views technology from the users’ perspective, improving how you test, develop, and deliver in the digital age.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    From customer service to cybersecurity to transportation, artificial intelligence is re-engineering decision-making across industries.
  • Continuous Testing
    Eggplant offers unparalleled testing precision through intelligent, AI-driven approach to continuous testing.
  • Website Monitoring
    Need for intelligent, continuous testing that can monitor for website issues while simultaneously stay a step ahead of problems and optimize performance.
Simplified Software Test AutomationSimplified Software Test Automation

User Experience Optimization Test

Eggplant enables companies to view their technology through the eyes of their users. Our intelligent and continuous integration approach to test automation and UI performance monitoring investigates every possible user journey, identifies bottlenecks, and recommends optimizations to improve your conversions. 

Understand how technical behaviours drive business outcomes and where to focus your development and infrastructure investment by the means of AI supported testing. 
Test your true customer experiences with Eggplant by Keysight.

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