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Meet ClampMan, your new go-to solution for securely clamping PCBs of various shapes and sizes in multiple configurations. With ClampMan, you can effortlessly position any PCB for precise measurements, soldering tasks, or thermal imaging needs.

Engineered with versatility in mind, ClampMan is designed to securely hold powered PCBs while enabling safe access from both sides. This unmatched flexibility makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, from soldering and analysis to PCB repairs.

Equipped with H&G's advanced hydraulic articulating stands, ClampMan allows for precise positioning of test probes and other equipment, ensuring accurate measurements and maximum convenience.

Experience the ease and efficiency of ClampMan for your PCB clamping needs today.

ClampMan Solutions Overview

The Accessory Set gives free rein to your creativity. Use it to realize your own ideas and mount your gadgets on the ClampMan system. Alternatively, you can expand the basic features of the ClampMan Classic itself with this set.



  • 1x CLM-1118 Base plate round
  • 1x CLM-2002 Midi-Clamp
  • 1x 104352 Joint stand size 300 mm
  • 1x 106327 Joint stand size 400 mm
  • 2x 104500 QC-adapter Base M6, Standard Quick-Change adapter with 6mm thread at the end
  • 2x 104506 QC-adapter 1/4inch -20 (Cam adapter)
  • 2x 104507 QC-adapter to M4 outer thread
  • 2x 104508 QC-adapter to M8 outer thread
  • 2x 104509 QC-adapter to M10 outer thread
  • 2x 104510 QC-adapter to M6 outer thread
  • 2x 104511 QC-adapter to M6 inner thread
  • 2x 104512 QC-adapter 4-side block, multifunctional adapter with various bores and a M5 inner thread
Clampman go-to solution for securely clamping PCBsClampman go-to solution for securely clamping PCBs

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