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Chemtronics is the industry leader for fiber optic cleaning products, providing performance, convenience, time savings and cost savings. Cleaning fiber optic connectors is fast, easy and reliable with their highly engineered solvents, lint-free swabs, precision wipes, and cleaning platforms.

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Fiber Optic Cleaning

Transmission speeds and data capacities are measured in gigabytes, terabytes, petabytes, and beyond as networks evolve beyond copper to fiber optics. This requires well-trained technicians with effective cleaning processes and materials – the critical first step before test and deployment. A cleaning process must be effective on a wide variety of contamination and across all zones of the end face, or the resulting interference will negatively impact transmission rates and reliability.

Fiber optic cleaning equipmentFiber optic cleaning equipment

Choose Proven Products and Processes

Testing and field experience consistently shows the Combination Cleaning process in conjunction with FOCCUS fiber optic cleaning products provide proven effectiveness with maximum repeatability. FOCCUS cleaning platforms, swabs, and kits are available to clean all types of connectors including: SC/LC UPC and APC, OptiFit™, MT-Types, e2000™, and various expanded beam geometry.

Fiber optic cleaning wipesFiber optic cleaning wipes

Advantages of FOCCUS Fiber Optic Products and Combination Cleaning

  • Reduce backscattering and reflectance caused by contamination
  • Increase transmission rates
  • Save time & money replacing connectors
  • Improve quality, reduce cost and increase your profit
Fiber optic cleaning materialsFiber optic cleaning materials

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