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Keysight Promotion #6.038

Modern RF technologies are becoming increasingly complex and demanding. That’s why choosing the right test equipment will help you stay ahead of the competition while keeping pace with new, more challenging requirements.

With this promotion, you can add an RF performance boost to your Signal Analyzer and/or Signal Generator at a very low price. You may choose to:

  • Add the preamplifier or phase noise option to improve the instrument’s overall sensitivity for low level signal detection
  • Add more bandwidth for your current or future project
  • Add output power to improve your test system accuracy

Keysight’s broad portfolio of Signal Analyzers and Signal Generators offer exceptional performance that will help you address the toughest RF application challenges.

For a limited time, purchase any new, eligible Signal Analyzer or Signal Generator and choose ONE of the two offers at 50% off.

Download the promotion flyer [PDF]

Eligible signal analyzers Offer #1 Offer #2
EXA (N9010B)
MXA (N9020B)
PXA (N9030B)
Add preamplifier
for enhanced ability to
detect low-level signals
Add analysis bandwidth
for your current or future
Eligible signal generators Offer #1 Offer #2
EXG (N5172B) Upgrade RF bandwidth
to 160 MHz
Upgrade baseband
generator memory
from 32 to 256 or 512 Msa
MXG (N5182B) Upgrade RF bandwidth
to 160 MHz
Improve phase noise
performance by 10 to 12 dB
PSG analog/RF
Increase output power
to +26 dBm
Improve phase noise
performance by 10 to 12 dB
PSG vector (E8267D) Wideband differential
external I/Q input
provides more bandwidth
Improve phase noise
performance by 10 to 12 dB

Promotion conditions:

  • Start date: June 1, 2019
  • End date: December 31, 2019
  • Reference promotion code 6.038 upon order placement.
  • Customers must purchase a new, eligible Keysight signal analyzer or signal generator.
  • The qualifying instrument and the promotional offer must be on the same purchase order.
  • Promotion discount cannot be combined with other Keysight promotions.
  • Lease orders or remarketed equipment are not eligible to receive promotion discount.
  • Keysight Technologies reserves the right to modify or discontinue this offer during the promotional period.

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