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Silergy Ambient Light Sensors (ALS) - SY22304A and SY22309A

Silergy Ambient Light Sensors (ALS) are designed for light sensing control applications. New products are offering spectral response that is close to human eye, good output linearity, IR rejection and wide supply voltage operation.

For simple ALS applications like street lighting, security camera IR illuminators and industrial lights Silergy offers SY22304A products that provide analog voltage output. SY22304A is available in low-cost transparent encapsulated radial lead package (3mm and 5mm diameter options).

For more advanced applications requiring digital output and small SMD package, Silergy offers SY22309AS22 ALS product. It supports I2C communication interface for configuration and data access and interrupt output. SY22309AS22 provides 2 different values of measured light – visible + IR (CLEAR) and visible only (ALS) allowing user to detect type of light source. Use of ultra-small package (2mm x 1.5mm x0.6mm) allows designers to use this product in space-sensitive applications like smartphones and wearables.

Target applications for Silergy ALS products include:

  • Lighting control
  • Dawn/dusk or brightness/darkness sensing
  • Detection of ambient light to control display backlighting
  • Automatic residential and commercial lighting management
  • Automatic contrast enhancement for electronic signboard
  • Ambient light monitoring device for daylight and artificial light
  • Smart phones and accessories
  • Presence detection
  • Industrial control
  • Lux meter

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Silergy Ambient Light Sensors (ALS)