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Wireless Xpress BGX220 by SiLabs

Bluetooth Xpress BGX220 Bluetooth 5 modules integrate our BGM220 modules with an onboard Bluetooth stack, Xpress command interface and pre-programmed cable replacement firmware to deliver a serial to Bluetooth 5 solution that requires no firmware development. With an integrated antenna, RF certifications and built-in cloud connectivity for secure updates through the Xpress framework for iOS and Android app development, Wireless Xpress BGX220 enables wireless communication with smartphones and other Bluetooth Xpress devices while addressing every challenge point in Bluetooth development, from device to cloud.

BGX220S SiP module

The BGX220S SiP module (6 mm × 6 mm × 1.1 mm) is a Bluetooth LE cable replacement solution that doesn't require wireless firmware development.  Using only the BGX220S UART interface, embedded systems can connect and communicate across a BLE link to smart phones and other BGX devices.  Additional features such as an I2C master interface for BLE-to-I2C communication, GPIO control, and event monitoring with automous response provide more ways of adding features to a design, no code development necessary.

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