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PCBite by Sensepeek

PCBite is a complete line of products handling your circuit board during the development phase. Powerful magnets together with a stainless base plate makes the system flexible, mobile and user friendly. Forget about the old stationary circuit board holders placed deep inside the company lab, Sensepeek has developed a mobile and user friendly solution made for a fast phase development environment. Let your circuit board travel safety on board our PCBite thru the development and save a lot of time and hassle. To learn more about Sensepeek, click here.

What it comes with...

  • The holder can easily be repositioned to handle circuit boards of varying shape and sizes.
  • The probes are steady but yet flexible made for instant measurements or total hands-free operations together with your prefered measurement tools.
  • The base plate is made of stainless steel and comes in two sizes, small and large. One side of the plate is matte and the other mirror polished

PCBite kit with 2x 200MHz and 4x SP10 handsfree probes [4019]

This ultimate kit includes everything you need for hands-free measurements with your multimeter, logic analyzer and oscilloscope. The new insulation cover is also included for safe measurement when powering up your PCBs.

The kit includes

  • 2x SP200 - 200 Mhz handsfree oscilloscope probes (4014)
  • 1x PCBite kit with 4x PCBite probes and test wires (4003)
  • 1x Insulation cover (4017)

> Download Adapter User Guide [PDF]

> Download Probe User Guide [PDF]

Download User Guide (PDF)

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Download User Guide (PDF)