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New Neoway GNSS module - G7A

G7A is a small size GNSS module supporting both multi-system joint positioning and single-system independent positioning. Due to small package this module is perfectly suited for industrial applications with strict size requirements. It uses 18-pin LCC package suitable for SMT soldering. G7A module offers high sensitivity and low power consumption and targeted for low cost position/navigation applications.

Key features of G7A module include:

  • GPS L1, BDS B1 and GLONASS L1 support
  • Dimensions 10.6x9.7x2.2 mm
  • High ESD protection
  • 18-pin LCC package, Tape and Reel
  • Operation temperature range -40°C to +85°C

More details on G7A features could be found in G7A Product Specifications.

G7A module uses external GNSS antenna, for product with integrated antenna G2 GNSS module is offered. G7A also targeted to be a replacement for G6 and G7 GNSS modules that are discontinued.

Typical applications include automotive devices, potable units and IoT terminals requiring low-cost and portable solution.

G7A Product Specifications attached. Additional documentation, samples for evaluation etc. are available at customer request.

> Download the datasheet for Neoway GNSS module G7A (PDF)


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Neoway G7A GNSS module