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New Maxim Product Highlights

Maxim Integrated presents new Product Highlights
MAX77860, MAX17262, MAX22513, MAX38904

MAX17262 Plug-and-Play Battery Fuel Gauging and ModelGauge m5 EZ 

The MAX17262 is an ultra-low power fuel-gauge IC which implements the Maxim ModelGauge™ m5 algorithm.

The MAX17262 monitors a single cell battery pack with integrated internal current sensing for up to 3.1A pulse current. The IC monitors a single-cell battery pack and supports internal current sensing for up to 3.1A pulse current. The IC provides best performance for batteries with 100mAhr to 6Ahr capacity.

The ModelGauge m5 EZ makes fuel-gauge implementation easy by eliminating battery characterization requirements and simplifying host software interaction.
The ModelGauge m5 EZ robust algorithm provides tolerance against battery diversity for most lithium batteries and applications.


Key Features

  • ModelGauge m5 EZ
    • No Characterization Required for EZ Performance
    • Robust Against Battery Variation
    • Eliminates Error Near Empty Voltage
    • Eliminates Coulomb Counter Drift
    • Compensates for Age, Current, Temperature
    • Does Not Require Empty, Full, or Idle State
  • Low 5.2µA Operating Current
  • Integrated Current Sensing
    • 7mΩ Typical, up to 3.1A Pulse Current
  • Supports Li+ and Variants Including LiFePO4
  • Thermistor or ±1°C Internal Temperature
  • Dynamic Power Estimates Power Capability During Discharge
  • Time-to-Empty and Time-to-Full Estimation
    • Constant Power or Constant Current
  • Predicts Remaining Capacity Under Theoretical Load
  • No Calibration Required
  • Alert Indicator for Voltage, SOC, Temperature, Current, and 1% SOC Change

Applications/Uses Bluetooth Headset Cases

  • Handheld Computers and Terminals
  • Health and Fitness Monitors
  • Home and Building Automation, Sensors
  • Medical Devices
  • Toys
  • Wearables and Smartwatches


Download Datasheet [PDF]


MAX 77860 Highly Integrated USB-C Buck Charger Reduces Solution Size by 30 Percent

The MAX77860 is a high-performance single input switch mode charger that features USB Type-C CC detection capability in addition to reverse boost capability and a Safeout LDO. This switched-mode battery charger with two integrated switches, provides small inductor and capacitor sizes, programmable battery charging current, and is ideally suited for portable devices such as smartphones, IoT devices, and other Li-ion battery powered electronics. The charger features a single input, which works for both USB and high voltage adapters. It supports USB Type-C CC detection under BC 1.2 specification, and the power-path switch is integrated in the chip.

Key Features

  • Single-Input Switch Mode Charger
    •  Up to 14V Protection
    • 4.0V to 13.5V Input Operating Range
    • Switching Charger with D+/D- Charger Detectio
    • Up to 4.0A Input Current Limit with Adaptive Input Current Limit (AICL)
    • Up to 3.15A Battery Charging Current Limit
    • Optional External Sense Resistor
    • CC, CV, and Die Temperature Control
    • Supports USB-OTG Reverse Boost, up to 1.5A Current Limit
    • Master-Slave Charging Capability, up to 6A Charge Current
    • Integrated Battery True-Disconnect FET
    • Rated up to 9ARMS, Discharge Current Limit (Programmable)
  • USB Type-C Detection
    • Integrated VCONN Switch
    • CC Pin
    • D+/D- Detection for USB HVDCP
    • BC 1.2 Support
  • One Safeout LDO
  • I2C-Compatible Interface


  • USB Type-C Charging for 1S Li-ion Applications
  • Mobile Point-of-Sale Devices
  • Portable Medical Equipment
  • Portable Industrial Equipment


Download datasheet [PDF]


MAX22513 Dual IO-Link Transceiver Shrinks Solution Size by 3x and Power Dissipation by 4x 

The MAX22513 dual-channel low power IO-Link device transceiver features a selectable control interface, internal high-efficiency DC-DC buck regulator,
two internal linear regulators, and integrated surge protection for robust communication. The device features low-on resistance drivers (C/Q and DO/DI), selectable driver current limits, and overcurrent protection to reduce power dissipation in small sensor applications.

Key Features

  • High Configurability and Integration Reduces SKU
    • Configurable C/Q and DO/DI Drivers
      - PNP, NPN, and Push-Pull Modes
      - Individual Slew Rate Control for Drivers
      - Selectable Driver Current Limit: 50mA to 250mA
    • Control and Monitoring with I2C or SPI
      - Half- and Full-Duplex SPI Mode
    • Integrated High-Efficiency DC-DC Buck Regulator
      - Selectable Switching Frequency
      • 921kHz (typ) or 1.229MHz (typ)
      - 300mA (max) Load
      - Output Voltage from 2.5V to 12V
    • Internal 5V and 3.3V Linear Regulators
    • Accurate Oscillator for IO-Link Communication
  • Integrated Protection Enables Robust Systems
    • Integrated ±1kV/500O Surge Protection
    • Glitch Filters for Improved Burst Resilience
    • Selectable Overcurrent Configuration
    • Hot-Plug and Reverse Polarity Protection
    • -40°C to +125°C Operating Temperature Range
  • Optimized for Small Sensor Designs
    • Low Power Dissipation:
      - 2O (typ) On-Resistance for C/Q and DO/DI Drivers
    • Available in Two Tiny Packages:
      - 28-Pin TQFN-EP (3.5mm x 5.5mm)
      - WLP (4.1mm x 2.1mm)


  • Industrial Sensors
  • IO-Link Sensor and Actuator Devices


 Download datasheet [PDF]


MAX38904B 1.7V–5.5VIN, 2A Low Noise LDO Linear Regulators in TDFN and WLP

The MAX38904 is a 1.7V–5.5V VIN, low-noise linear regulator that delivers up to 2A of output current with only 5.1µVRMS of output noise from 10Hz to 100kHz.
The regulator maintains ±1% output accuracy over a wide input voltage range, requiring only 100mV of input-to-output headroom at full load. The 1.3mA no-load supply current is independent of dropout voltage.


Key Features

  • Delivers Flexible Operating Range
    • 1.7V to 5.5V Input Voltage Range
    • 0.6V to 5.0V Programmable Output Voltage
    • 2A Maximum Output Current
    • 100mV Maximum Dropout at 2A Load
    • < 1.5µA Shutdown Supply Current
  • Reduces Noise and Improves Accuracy
    • ±1% DC Accuracy Over Load, Line, and Temperature
    • 5.1μVRMS Output Noise, 10Hz to 100kHz
    • 1.3mA Quiescent Supply Current
    • > 70dB PSRR at 10kHz
  • Enables Ease-of-Use and Robust Protection
    • Stable with 8µF (Min) Output Capacitance
    • Programmable Soft-Start Rate
    • Overcurrent and Overtemperature Protection
    • Output-to-Input Reverse Current Protection
    • Power-OK Status Pin
  • Reduces Size, Improves Reliability
    • 3mm x 3mm 14-pin TDFN Package and 2.2mm x 1.37mm, 5 x 3 Bump, 0.4mm Pitch WLP
    • -40°C to 125°C Operating Temperature


  • Communication Systems, Test Equipment, Medical Equipment
  • High-End Audio Systems
  • High-Resolution Data Acquisition Systems


Download datasheet [PDF]

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