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New Maxim MAX77533

On September 29th 2020, Maxim Integrated officially released  the MAX77533 for mass production - a 14V Input, 1.5A High-Efficiency Buck Converter with 9μA IQ.

The MAX77533 is a synchronous 1.5A step-down DC-DC converter optimized for portable 2-cell and 3-cell battery-operated and USB-C applications. The converter operates on an input supply between 3V and 14V. Output voltage is adjustable between 0.8V and 5V in 50mV steps through an I2C serial interface or 1.55V to 99% of the supply voltage with external feedback resistors. The MAX77533 option with factory-programmed default voltage of 3.3V is offered as well to reduce component count (options with default voltage values of 1.2V and 1.8V are to be released later on as well). The device features a low-IQ SKIP mode which allows excellent efficiency at light loads.

Dedicated enable and power-OK (POK) pins allow simple hardware control. An I2C serial interface is optionally used for full configuration and control for dynamic voltage scaling and system power optimization.

Built-in undervoltage lockout (UVLO), output active discharge, cycle-by-cycle current limit, thermal shutdown, and short-circuit protection ensure safe operation under abnormal operating conditions.

The MAX77533 is available in a 12-bump, 0.4mm pitch wafer-level package (WLP) of size 1.85mm x 1.4mm with 0.7mm height. Operating temperature range is -40°C to +85°C. The target application area for this product include space-constrained devices like:

  • 2-cell/3-cell high power density supplies
  • Portable Li+/Li-Ion battery-powered devices
  • Drones,. HD Cameras, Notebook Computers
  • Other portable electronics

In order to evaluate performance of MAX77533 Converter, customers can use the MAX77533 Evaluation Kit that represents fully assembled and tested PCB featuring on-board electronic load to test different use cases of MAX77533. For easy control of MAX77533 registers and electronic load at Windows-based PC Maxim Integrated offers corresponding GUI connected using USB-to-I2C translator.

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