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New Maxim Integrated MAX49017

Maxim Integrated on 4th October 2019 officially released for mass production MAX49017 product – Dual, Precision Nanopower Automotive Comparator with Built-in Reference in tiny 2x2 DFN package.

MAX49017 is AEC-Q100 qualified, making it ideal for automotive applications like car battery monitoring systems, infotainment head units, ADAS modules etc. It is available in 8-pin, 2mm x 2mm TDFN package with side-wettable flanks.

Key features of MAX49017 include:

  • Beyond-the-Rails input (-0.2V to 5.7V)
  • Supply voltage range 1.7V to 5.5V
  • 1.35uA consumption current (typ.)
  • Internal filtering
  • Built-in 1.252V reference with 1% initial accuracy and <2.5% error over entire temperature range
  • Push-pull output
  • <10us propagation delay
  • Enable ASIL Compliance
  • AEC-Q100 Qualified

Target application areas for MAX49017 device include:

  • ADAS
  • Automotive
  • Car Battery Monitoring Systems

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