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New Maxim MAX31889

Maxim Integrated officially released MAX31889 for mass production – a ±0.25°C Accurate I2C Temperature Sensor.

For communication with the host MCU, the MAX31889 uses a standard I2C serial interface, while two GPIO pins are available for extra features. One pin can be configured to trigger a temperature conversion, while another – to generate an interrupt for selectable status bits. On-board 32-word FIFO is used for temperature data and high/low threshold temperature alarms. Other features offered by MAX31889 are the following:

  • Low current consumption (68µA during measurement, 0.55µA standby)
  • High and low temperature alarms
  • 4 I2C addresses available
  • Unique ROM ID for NIST traceability

The MAX31889 temperature sensor is offered in a small (2mm x 2mm x 0.8 mm) 6-pin µDFN package.

Target application areas for MAX31889 include:

  • Precision temperature monitoring
  • Pharmaceutical cold chain
  • Food storage and transportation
  • HVAC, refrigeration
  • RTD replacement
  • IoT Sensors

For customer evaluation of the MAX31889 Maxim Integrated offers an Evaluation System that provides a single, fully assembled and tested platform, based on MAX32630 MCU. It contains MCU FW necessary to use PC GUI for evaluation.

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