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New Maxim MAX31875 Low-Power Temperature Sensor

The MAX31875 is a ±2°C-accurate local temperature sensor with I2C/SMBus interface. It accepts standard write byte, read byte, sends byte, and receive byte commands to read the temperature data and configure the behavior of the sensor. Bus timeout resets the interface if the clock is low for more than 30ms (nominal). PEC helps to avoid communication errors when used with a master that supports this feature.

Tiny package + accuracy = ideal for:

  • Battery-Powered Equipment
  • Data Communications Equipment
  • Handheld Electronics
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Servers

Benefits and Features:

  • Tiny, 0.84mm x 0.84mm x 0.35mm WLP
  • Excellent Temperature Accuracy
  • ±1.5°C from +10°C to +45°C (±0.5°C Typical)
  • ±2°C from -10°C to +100°C (±0.6°C Typical)
  • ±3°C from -20°C to +125°C (±1°C Typical)
  • <10μA Average Power Supply Current
  • Selectable Timeout Prevents Bus Lockup (Default Enabled)
  • I2C and SMBus Support
  • Selectable PEC for Reliable Communications
  • Up to 1MHz Bus Speed
  • +1.6V to +3.6V Power Supply Voltage

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