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New Maxim MAX20333

Maxim Integrated on 14th October’2019 officially released for mass production MAX20333 product – Adjustable Current-Limit Switch with Low Power Mode.

MAX20333 programmable current-limit switch featuring internal current limiting to prevent damage to host devices due to faulty load conditions. It has low 23mΩ (typ) on-resistance and operate from a +3.5V to +22V input voltage range. Device has three working modes: normal mode (NM), high current mode (HCM), and low power mode (LPM).

In NMI mode MAX20333 offers programmable current-limit protection from 0.2A to 4.75A, while in HCM mode current-limit threshold is multiplied by 2, but internally limited by 5.5A. LPM mode offers dramatically reduced power consumption, with on-resistance of 420mΩ (typ), while still offering overcurrent protection (switch opens when current exceeds 0.4A typ.)

MAX20333 can react in three different ways while in current limit: autoretry, latchoff, and continuous, depending on part option, defined by OPN (Ordering Part Number).

These features make MAX20333 ideally suitable to protect devices using USB Type-C power delivery that becomes the market standard for portable and mobile applications.

Other features of MAX20333 include:

  • High accuracy of current-limit setting (<±7%);
  • Current monitoring output;
  • Power Good Input;
  • Thermal and output short protections;
  • 1µs short-circuit limit reaction time;
  • Ultra-small package (15-bump WLP 2.1x1.52mm, 0.4mm pitch);
  • -40°C to +85°C temperature range.

Target application areas for MAX20333 device include:

  • USB Port Protection Switch (including Type-C);
  • Battery Disconnect Switch;
  • General Power Supply Switch.

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